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Warehouse Services

Design Build Contracting

We provide turnkey solutions that significantly reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of enhancements to your material handling operations through a systems approach covering four phases:

  • Design Engineering – planning, conceptual design, and budgeting
  • Application Engineering – final systems drawings for permits and regulatory sign off
  • Full implementation – complete project management and turnkey installations
  • Post implementation – continuous post-installation customer care services

Dedicated to the purpose of creating the lowest operational costs for the client’s business, this approach creates a working team of talents and resources most organizations do not have on staff.

Following project definition, the team typically includes such diverse talents as:

  • Architect
  • All Client Operations Departments
    • Production
    • Warehouse
    • Facilities
    • Management Information Services
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service Structural Engineer
  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Operations Designer
  • General Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Selected Computer Hardware & Software Vendor Resources
  • Computer Simulation and Specialists in Any Required Disciplines, as needed

The design approach is from the inside out. First, defining the client's operational needs, then moving on to conceptualize the operation and layouts within clearly defined spaces, and then sizing and defining the building attributes.

The benefits of this approach are considerable:

  • The vast range of talents and their specialized experiences are utilized efficiently
  • Precious time is used to identify and conceptualize the most practical solutions and their alternatives for the clients’ present and future needs
  • Allows quick analysis of financial viability and justification trials
  • Enables clear communication between all participants throughout the project
  • Results in a practical program for implementation with least interruption to ongoing business support

In the past, the difficulty has been to identify and recruit people and resources to meet these challenges and the full range of client needs — from start-ups and re-engineering of existing operations in a wide spectrum of industrial, economic and geographic diversity.

In the context of this approach, our specialty is to assist architects, developers, and clients in designing facilities from the inside out, and then implementing the client-approved plans. The first step in this process is to completely understand operations, function-by-function, supported by historical and projected data validated by test and observations.

Obtaining client agreement in this collaborative effort is the threshold beyond which we undertake the conceptual development of quantified designs and options. Improved productivity, controlled cost of future operations, high customer service levels, quality and security issues, inventory management, easily managed controls and disciplines are our chief targets.

We help our clients get optimum usable space and facility attributes for their operations by teaming our talents with those of client and architect.


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