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Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle

bendi_electric_in_isle1.jpgThe Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle trucks are available with three stage tilting masts, with lift heights up to 36 feet (11M). Quad masts also are available to 26 feet (7.92M) which gives the Bendi high stacking ability while allowing the low mast height necessary to work in highway trailers or travel through low doorways. Electric capacities range from 3,000 pound (1363kg) to 4,500 pound (2045kg) capacity.

bendi_electric_in_isle3.jpgBesides working in narrow aisles the Bendi can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, in push-back and drive in rack systems, rail cars and outdoors. The Bendi comes standard with an 11.8 inch (300mm) stroke side shifter and can also be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments, such as paper roll clamps, push/pull, drum clamp and a carton clamp to further enhance its versatility.

Bendi Model Specifications


Bendi I.C. (Internal Combustion)

Almost everything that makes the battery-powered Bendi the right choice for so many applications applies equally to the Bendi IC. Both are equally at home on the loading dock, or in the warehouse. Both can go from trailer to plant floor to narrow aisle storage without staging. Both navigate narrow aisles with the speed and agility that allow Bendi operators to move safely into tight spots others can't reach. The main difference is that our LP-Powered Bendi can be refueled in less than 5 minutes.

This narrow aisle forklift features a GM Vortec 3000 internal combustion engine designed specifically for LP gas. Refilling or removing and replacing the rear-mounted LP tank is easy, fast, and safe. The 3.0 liter four-cylinder engine is easily accessible under the insulated seat base. The engine is rated at 67hp at 2400rpm, and meets or exceeds emission standards for its vehicle class in all 50 states.

The Bendi IC measures just 48" (1200mm) wide, can climb 15% grades, turn in 9 foot (2.74m) intersecting aisles, and stack 48"x40" (1200mm x 1000mm) loads in 6-1/2 foot (1.98m) aisles.

Bendi IC Model Specifications


Drexel-Landoll Drexel SwingMast

drexel_60in_aisle.jpgWhen it comes to maximizing your storage space, nothing else measures up to the Landoll Drexel SwingMast lift trucks. Their unique design enables drivers to turn only the mast assembly, not the entire truck. Aisles as narrow as 4-1/2 feet (1.37m) allowing you to store more than ever can be easily obtained. The versatile Landoll Drexel SwingMast gives you four trucks in one; performing like a conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a sideloader and a turret truck.

toyota_aisle.jpgModels are available in capacities from 3,000 pounds (1363kg) to 12,000 pounds (5454kg) with three or 4 stage masts with lift heights to 30 feet (9.14M). Drexel also has an EX rated front loading forklift available for use in flammable atmospheres.

Drexel Model Specifications


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