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NORDOCK advances loading dock efficiency with Next Generation Air™ technology that is truly revolutionary. The reinforced PVC coated protected Single Chamber™ balanced air bag is suitable for all environments and will operate efficiently in extreme weather conditions.

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AIRDOCK Air Powered Dock Leveler Features

  • Protected Single-Chamber lift mechanism
  • From 25,000 to 50,000 lb. capacity
  • Reinforced single chamber PVC coated lifting bag suitable for all environments
  • 115 Volt fan motor assembly with filter
  • Single push button control
  • Exclusive lip lug and header plate
  • Full width rear hinge for long-term strength and stability
  • Zinc plated hinge rods
  • Full range telescoping toe guards
  • Unitized weld structure with dual side weld pattern
  • Rear pockets for easy forklift handling
  • Deck and lip maintenance supports
  • Night locks
  • Solid steel rear frame supports
  • NEMA 4 Starter

HEAVY-DUTY™ Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers

The NORDOCK HEAVY-DUTY™ Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers are the ultimate in strength, convenience and reliability. The platform is a unitized welded structure with continuous welds at the beam, header plate and lugs for maximum strength. The deck plate, lip plate, beam sections and lugs are constructed of minimum 50-55,000 PSI yield material. Standard center deck beam and welded side guards provide additional deck plate support. The continuous rear hinge provides side-to-side tilt with no pinch point.

Hydraulic power for smooth, efficient operation The power unit is a frame mounted integral assembly fully tested and oil filled. The motor is a totally enclosed non-ventilated type available in all voltages. Regenerative hydraulic cylinders are a heavy-duty design with polished chrome rods, guide bearings and high-pressure seals.

Easy one-step push button control

The operator presses the control button until the deck is raised and the lip is fully extended. Releasing the button allows the lip to lower onto the truck bed. The operator stores the leveler by pressing the control button until the lip fully retracts.


  • Exclusive lip lug and header plate design for maximum strength
  • Heavy-duty cylinders with non-adjustable velocity fuse
  • Continuous rear hinge assembly for long term strength and durability
  • Seven rear structural frame supports
  • Self cleaning lip hinge
  • Open frame design for easy pit cleaning
  • Integral maintenance supports
  • Full operating range telescoping side guards
  • Zinc plated hinge rods
  • Center deck support
  • Single push-button control
  • From 20,000 to 50,000 lbs. capacity
  • Standard sizes from 6' wide X 6' long to 7' wide x 10' long.

Dock Safety Equipment

TMHNC offers a wide variety of dock related safety equipment. From dock restraints to communication equipment, we have you covered.

NOVA FP Series Dock Seal

Foam-filled head pad and side pads provide a tight, energy-efficient seal between the trailer and dock wall.

  • Designed for door openings up to 9' wide x 9' high
  • Includes brass grommets with spur washers for venting and full-height yellow guide stripe
  • Cover material and wear pleats are top-grade fabrics providing superior performance and maximum durability
  • Full-height yellow guide stripe standard

NOVA FPH Series Dock Seal

Features a hood-style head curtain in place of a head pad with fiberglass stays and metal pipe in the fabric hood for easy service and to maintain support. 

  • Designed for door openings up to 9' wide x 9' high
  • Hood drop can be customized to accommodate the truck heights at your dock
  • Full-height yellow guide stripe standard
  • All sew lines are lock-stitched utilizing heavy-bonded polyester multifilament thread with UV protectant for extended life

NOVA RF Series Dock Sheleter

Features high wear-resistant fabric with double lock-stitched seams, bottom corner draft pads and standard 36" drop head curtain with fiberglass stays, protective corner reinforcement pleats and wind retention straps.
  • 15" yellow guide stripe comes standard
  • Designed for door openings up to 12' wide x 12' high and higher
  • Vinyl covered foam “drop in” style draft pads
  • Steel support bumpers (black)

NOVA SS Series Soft-Sided Dock Shelter

Offers maximum dock protection and full access to trailers while minimizing pressure on the building wall. The SS Dock Shelter offers greater tolerance to off-center impacts from trucks. Utilizing foam side pads in its construction, it is capable of compressing and bending out of the way of a truck which fails to properly align with the doorway, preventing costly repairs.

  • Designed for door openings up to 12' wide x 12' high
  • Raked header with translucent fiberglass top provides natural light and permits water drainage
  • Detachable side curtains and draft pads use Velcro® for easy removal and are re-attachable within minutes for routine maintenance
  • Wind straps on head curtain keep the head curtain from being blown out of position
  • 15-inch yellow guide stripe standard


NOVA Rain Deflector

Provides an excellent barrier to water runoff from the top of trailers , especially in declined docks. Useful for automatically sealing a wide range of trailer sizes that back into the same loading dock. NOVA's rain deflector is designed to fit over all seals and almost any type  of shelter.

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