Questions Smart Buyers Ask Before Buying a Forklift

Whether you’re about to buy your first forklift or fiftieth, this forklift buyer’s guide contains dozens of helpful tips to help you get the right machine at the best price. Learn the key questions smart buyers ask before purchasing a forklift - so you can buy with confidence.

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Find the Right Forklift for the Best Price

A forklift is a big investment. In addition to the purchase price, buyers have to consider capacity, fuel type, maintenance and long term cost of ownership. Download our free guide to ensure the forklift you buy today has the capacity and reliability to meet your operational needs in the future.

  • How to Choose the Right Capacity
  • When to Buy New Vs. Used
  • Important Questions You May Not Be Asking
  • Attachment Considerations
  • Fuel Types, Tires and more...
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Forklift Superpowers

Improve the productivity of your forklift by adding attachments - see page 8.


Why Buy Used?

Find out when it's better to buy a used vs. new forklift on page 9. 

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Prevent Buyer's Regret

Learn the questions smart buyers ask on page 10 of our guide.


“Our company has been doing business with Toyota for over 15 years. Our lift trucks have 40,000 to 50,000 hours on them and still running strong. We never had to replace an engine or transmission in any of our 30 pcs of equipment. The Toyota technician (Jason) does outstanding services for us, it is because of his loyalty to his job and customers our lift trucks still run strong.” - Donald McCurdy from M & G Duravent