A better way to store and organize goods.

All-inclusive pallet racking solutions designed to make the most of your warehouse.

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If you don't have a well designed pallet racking system in place, you could be:

  • running out of room to store goods

  • not taking advantage of vertical space

  • letting disorganization slow you down

  • putting your inventory, and your crew at risk, with unsafe stacking practices


Moving goods quickly and effectively is essential to the American economy.

A disorganized warehouse shouldn't be the thing that slows you down.

That's why we're your one-stop-shop for all things material handling.

We've got you covered with racking systems that make the most of your warehouse.


New & Used Stock

New & Used Stock

We'll reconfigure, sell, buy, or remove old rack for a cost-effective environmental way to optimize your warehouse.

Design & Insallation

Design & Installation

Get a customized design that fits your needs, and installation that covers everything from the plans to permits.

Fast & Efficient

Fast & Efficient

With a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire project, we get you up and running fast with minimal downtime.

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Here's how we'll help you get more from your warehouse:

Step 1. Consultation
We'll visit you on-site to custom design the best rack solution to meet your needs. We'll even take care of moving, removing, or buying existing racking you no longer need.

Step 2. Installation
Our experienced project managers will ensure racking is installed safely and to code. Schedules, timelines, phases, tasks, and milestones are always met and communicated effectively for a smooth, effortless experience.

Step 3. Utilization
We'll get you up and running quickly so you can stop paying for wasted space and operate at maximum capacity safely.

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Store more without paying for more square footage.

In California, space doesn’t come cheap. Whether you’re in the Bay Area, Sacramento or Central Coast, you’re likely paying more per square foot than a similar business in a neighboring state. That’s why it’s essential for California warehouses, distribution centers, and other businesses to maximize every inch of available space.

At TMHNC, we know you want to make the best use of your space. The problem is, your current pallet racking system (or lack thereof) isn't working for you; it's holding you back, making your job harder, and driving up costs. We understand how difficult it is to keep a warehouse organized when you're responsible for handling a massive amount of materials.

That's why TMHNC gets your warehouse working for you with custom pallet racking solutions. Now you can add efficiency and capacity by using every square inch of horizontal and vertical space to its full potential. As your trusted one-stop-shop for all things materials handling, our full-service pallet racking solutions take care of everything from consultation and design to plans, permits, and installation. We'll even move or buy back your existing rack. We get your system up quickly and with the highest quality standards in practice.

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Pallet Racking Consultation

A better way to store and organize goods.

Stop struggling to “make it work” with poor storage and organization, and start getting your storage and organization to work for you. 

Request a consult today, and get your all-inclusive pallet racking solution from Toyota Material Handling of Northern California.

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pallet jack and pallet rack

Consultation_Racking_800pxIs your current racking system a liability?

A third-party rack inspection should be conducted regularly to prevent: 

  • loss of structural integrity
  • loss of product
  • loss of life

Sign up for your free assessment today to keep your goods and staff safe.

Get a Free Safety Assessment.

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