New Equipment

Loaded Container Handler

Toyota’s Loaded Container Handler is the king of the port. With a container lifting capacity of up to 90,000 lbs. and the ability to stack up to 6 high, this exceptionally stable container handler can be used in the most rugged applications. 

New Equipment Toyota High Capacity container handlers

High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota’s High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic delivers the power and versatility you need to meet heavy-duty material handling challenges in any high-capacity operation. With standard load capacity up to 30,000 pounds, it’s ideal for lumber, steel, and automotive applications and can help you move almost anything. Top it off with the durability of a rugged drive axel and Dana transmission, and you’re ready to get the job done.

Internal Combustion New Equipment Pneumatic IC Pneumatic Toyota High Capacity

High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift

When hauling high-capacity loads is an inside job,  Toyota's High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift is the beast for the job.

Ideal for automotive environments and moving steel inside manufacturing facilities, it gives you the ability to lift up to 100,000 lbs. of the meanest metal around. With a Dana 3200 transmission and one of the leading engines in its class, the Toyota High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift is as dependable as it is strong.

Internal Combustion New Equipment IC Cushion Toyota High Capacity Cushion LP Forklift


The versatile JCB Teletruk features extended forward reach capacity allowing quick and convenient unloading or loading of flatbed trucks from one side. This means you save time and money. The powerful engine is coupled with a hydrostatic transmission providing torque converter response (TCR) which reacts to commands just like the transmissions you are used to working with.

Internal Combustion New Equipment Sellick Pneumatic IC Pneumatic High Capacity
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