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Urban cleaning products for your sidewalks, streets, and facilities.

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Madvac provides a full line-up of compact sweepers and vacuums. Their innovative products are sold worldwide for cleaning municipal, commercial, industrial, and institutional areas. Let the TMHNC team help you find the right equipment to keep your outdoor areas clean and safe for pedestrians and the public. Madvac equipment may be the right choice for you if:

  • You are committed to keeping your cleaning schedules running efficiently though better practices and products.
  • You seek out the latest and greatest equipment to make your crews' work faster and more effective.
  • You want to keep your outdoor areas clean, safe, and visually pleasing for your staff and the public. 

Keep Your Area Clean & Safe

Improve Property Value

A clean area is a more valuable area. With easy solutions like Madvac's litter vacuums you can easily keep sidewalks, shoulders, and other public areas clean and free of unsightly trash.

Clear Drains & Sewers 

Do you deal with regular flooding? Madvac's street sweeper can prevent build up of leaves  other debris that can clog drains . Prevent potential damage with easy maintenance from Madvac.

Save the Ocean

Litter and debris in your sewer system will eventually find its way to the ocean. Effective cleaning with Madvac products helps reduce harm to the environment, leading to a greener world.

Find New Ways To Keep Your Areas Clean & Safe


Madvac equipment is manufactured in Montreal and sold around the world. Their full line-up keeps public areas cleaner and safer.

Madvac-LS175-compact sweeper

Compact Sweepers like the LS175 sweep, vacuum, and clean bike lanes, sidewalks, and other narrow areas. Built to North American standards, this  equipment model is easy to maneuver and to maintain. Its 10 to 12 year lifespan gives a hassle free cleaning experience .

Madvac-LN50-LR50 litter vacuum

Litter Vacuums provide compact, maneuverable function for sidewalks, facilities, public spaces, and trails. With onboard litter compactors and electric models available, operators will be able to quickly collect dirt and litter both on and off the equipment for flexible use.


Madvac-LP61G portable vacuum

Portable Vacuums can be mounted on trailers or on skids for flexible use. These versatile solutions are ideal for hard to reach areas such as ditches or fences in transfer stations and other high traffic areas. Heavy duty designs deliver perform day in and day out.

Madvac products give flexible performance for many applications.


Madvac compact sweeper cleaning small alley in front of trees


Federal, state, and local government can rely on Madvac products to keep public spaces clean and safe. Sidewalks, alleys, bike lanes, and more can be kept clean more effectively with Madvac.

Madvac litter vacuum is in front of industrial garage door

Solid Waste

Waste management and transfer station facilities face issues with blowing and loose litter. Rely on Madvac products to manage your problem areas more efficiently than other solutions.

Madvac sweeper cleans pedestrian path in front of large brick building


Large manufacturing facilities, institutions,  corporate campuses, and higher education can count on Madvac to keep their pedestrian areas clean and pleasant for visitors.

See how easy it is to integrate Madvac equipment into your existing fleets and cleaning solutions.

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LS175 Compact Sweeper

The LS175 Compact Sweeper does not require a CDL license to operate, making it a turnkey solution for most facilities. Combined with flexibility for use on streets and sidewalks and a 10 to 12 year lifespan, this model delivers consistent ROI from the day you add it to your fleet.

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Litter Vacuum Video

LN50 All Terrain Litter Vacuum

Easily maintain sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, garages, and grassy park areas with the Madvac LN50. Its versatility on uneven terrain makes this a great solution for parks and facilities maintenance of all sizes.  An onboard machine assisted arm makes work easier on operator too.

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LP61-G Portable Litter Vacuum

The MadVac LP61-G is ideal for high-traffic, hard to reach areas in landfills and waste facilities, transfer stations, parking lots, industrial settings, and more. With trailer and skid mounts available, it can easily fit your existing fleet for fast deployment in your facility cleaning plans.

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Cleaning San Francisco

The City of San Franciso is keeping the streets clean with a MadVac LS175.



Sweep, scrub, and vacuum your facilities. Madvac makes it easy to keep your areas cleaner and safer.