Loading Dock Safety Guide

Protect your employees, inventory and equipment

Is Your Loading Dock Hazard-Free?

Like most managers, you may be working relentlessly to meet the ever-growing productivity targets and minimize downtime. While productivity is top of mind, the safety at the loading dock is often compromised. That’s why we created this free loading dock safety guide. We cover proven, OSHA-approved ways to establish and maintain loading dock safety to help you:

  • Stay compliant - OSHA has several safety standards for loading docks - learn how to stay ahead of the curve on compliancy.
  • Loading-Dock-Safety-from-TMHNCCreate a prevention plan - a combination of engineering and administrative controls specific to your loading dock.
  • Protect your employees - from the most commonly overlooked injuries.
  • Increase efficiency - adhere to a consistent loading and offloading schedule, free of accidents.

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