Loading Dock Safety Assessment

Discover effective ways to keep your employees safe, protect dock inventory, reduce product damage, and minimize downtime

Consider these OSHA factsnordock loading dock safety

25% of all industrial accidents occur on the loading dock, and for each accident that occurs, there are about 600 near-misses. Don’t let your loading dock become another statistic. Let us help you uncover potential loading dock risks and mitigate them with the right safety measures and proper equipment recommendations. 

  • You work relentlessly to maximize your loading dock’s efficiency by investing in new forklifts and making the most out of aging equipment.
  • Trying to meet the ever-growing productivity targets and minimize downtime, loading dock managers get caught cutting corners with safety and overlook potentially hazardous situations. The absence of proper safety equipment often leads to injuries, damaged inventory, and even more downtime, all in the name of saving a dollar.
  • Your loading dock’s safety directly impacts the bottom line of your business, but putting the necessary measures in place may be overwhelming. You may not know where to start - training your staff, inspecting worn-out equipment, or securing trailers. 
  • An experienced partner can help. Sign-up for a free safety assessment and let us help you prevent potentially hazardous situations.

Schedule a no-commitment safety assessment to mitigate risks without compromising your loading dock efficiency. We'll suggest at least three ways to future-proof your loading dock and answer any questions.


Make Your Loading Dock Safe

Keep Employees Safe

Workers potentially cross the edge of a dock more than 100,000 times per year in an average facility. We provide tangible recommendations on how to protect employees susceptible to risk and injury

Protect Your Inventory

Poor loading and handling tactics are the leading cause of damaged products. Whether the problem may be in dock bumpers, trailer positions, wrong levelers, worn-out seals - we will help you locate and address it in a timely manner

Reduce Downtime

Preventive maintenance and careful inspection can reduce both downtime and repair expenses while extending your equipment’s operating efficiency

Uncover New Ways to Save Time and Money 

Leaders in Loading Dock Safety


Integrated Warehouse Solutions (IWS) consists of quality known brands within the Material Handling industry that make the work environment safer and more efficient.

Bluff Logo

Bluff Manufacturing is an innovative leader in the fabrication and design of high-quality dock and warehouse equipment. For over 80 years, Bluff Manufacturing has been the top national provider of steel and aluminum dock boards and plates, edge of dock levelers, portable yard ramps, mezzanines, carts and warehouse safety equipment.

Nordock Logo

Nordock manufactures and distributes a full line of loading dock equipment, including pit-style, vertical storing and telescoping lip dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock lifts, and in-plant lifts, truck levelers, dock seals and shelters, and a comprehensive line of accessories.

Wesco Logo

Wesco Industrial Products is a full-line manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of standard and custom products. Material handling professionals have relied on the quality and durability of WESCO’s products for over 50 years.


IWS brands offer a superior choice for a range of products

Dock Leveler Nordock

Dock Levelers

Designed and engineered to meet the evolving needs of today’s loading docks, NORDOCK® Pit Style dock levelers combine strength, reliability and ease-of-use with industry leading innovation.

Dock Plate Bluff Manufacturing

Dock Plates

Bluff Aluminum Dock Plates offer a low-cost solution to bridging the gap between trucks, trailers and your loading dock. They are intended for low to medium volume loads using pallet jacks, hand trucks or dollies.
Wesco Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment

WESCO’s primary lines include drum handling, hand trucks, and carts, lift equipment as well as a wide range of high-quality associated dock and material handling products for any application.

How Acme Brick’s raw materials handling significantly streamlined into a safer and more efficient process with the introduction of Bluff Yard Ramps

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4 Signs Your Dock Isn’t As Safe As You Think

A loading dock is a fast-paced and dangerous environment. Around 25% of all reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks. Hundreds of near-misses precede each hazard. As a manager, putting safety first should be your top priority. In this article, we will cover four common and often overlooked signs of a hazardous loading dock.

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How Dock Levelers Drastically Improve Loading Dock Safety

How Dock Levelers Drastically Improve Loading Dock Safety

Dock levelers bridge the gap (in height and distance) between the floor and the trailer for smooth and safe loading and unloading. Learn about the most popular types of dock levelers used in the Bay Area, Central and Northern California, so you can choose the best dock leveler to increase safety and efficiency at facility.

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5-Tips-to-Improve-Your-Loading Dock Safety-and-Efficiency

5 Tips to Improve Your Loading Dock Safety and Efficiency

Loading dock managers are relentless workers. They strive to meet ever-growing productivity targets and minimize downtime, invest in new equipment, hire more personnel. Managers are pressed into cutting corners with safety and overlook hazardous situations. But it doesn't have to be your loading dock's reality.

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Hazard-proof Your Loading Dock

Learn how to establish a long-term preventative safety plan at your loading dock.

Remove loading dock hazards. Maintain efficiency.