Get a better way to transport
people and products.

Equip your facility with industrial utility vehicles
designed for workplace application.


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Not all vehicles are created equal.

When you transport people or products using a golf cart or an automobile at work, you're at risk of:

  • Safety violations

  • Personnel injuries

  • Broken equipment

  • Wasted time and budget



Moving people and products is a part of doing business, and you deserve a simple effective way to get it done.


Keep the golf carts on the course. 

There’s an industrial utility vehicle just made for the job.


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People Moving

TMHNC ProX Street Legal Utility Vehicle

Street Legal

Bigfoot Flatbed Utility Vehicle

Flat Bed

How to get the right industrial utility vehicle:


TMHNC_Clipboard_Icon_400px 1. Request a Demo

Complete the form to get a free on-site demo and we'll give you industrial utility vehicle recommendations based on your business needs.


TMHNC_Speedometer_Icon_400px 1. See It In Action

We’ll bring your recommended vehicles to your location so you can test them out in your environment. No imagination necessary.


TMHNC_Truck_Icon_400px 1. Get Moving

When you’ve got the right vehicle for your worksite, you’ll love being on the move with a safer, more efficient industrial utility vehicle made to get the job done.



Request Your Free On-Site Demo

Move people and materials throughout your facility
with ease and efficiency. 


We perform on-site service and maintenance to keep moving.

Our GEM and Taylor Dunn certified technicians come to you for stress free repairs.
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We provide industrial utility vehicles designed for workplace application.

Our team is the most knowledgeable in the business when it comes to utility vehicles.  We're here to help you make a smart  decision based on your facility’s needs

Explore our most trusted brands.







So stop getting by with a cart made for leisure, and start using an Industrial Utility Vehicle designed for work. 


Find your industrial utility vehicle today.

We know you might be able to make do with what you have. 

If it has wheels, it can move things, right? We think you shouldn’t have to settle. An Industrial Utility Vehicle from TMHNC can make a big difference. 

  • Customers get a more comfortable, professional experience. 
  • Good equipment for your employees, so they operate with pride, care, and do their job well.
  • Stress-free on-site maintenance and repairs. 
  • Free up other equipment like forklifts from doing the work your utility vehicle would do. 
  • Riders will be safer, and you’ll be compliant with OSHA regulations.



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6 Reasons Why Lithium-Ion Utility Vehicles Run Longer for Less Money

You know electric is the way to go, and you've heard about the advances with lithium- ion batteries. But, it is really worth it? 

  • How far can Li-Ion Utility Vehicles go?
  • How much can you save?
  • Is Li-Ion right for my application?

Download your free copy to get answers.

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