Keep your facility clean and your employees safe.

Get the right industrial cleaning machine that keeps dirt off your floors and off your mind.

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Busy warehouses get dirty.

But if they stay that way, you risk:
  • Dirty and damaged goods
  • Customers pulling contracts
  • Failing government inspections
  • Having an unsafe facility
  • Fines and lawsuits



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Keeping your warehouse clean is a part of doing business, and you deserve a simple effective way to get it done.


At TMHNC, we sell, rent, and service the industrial floor cleaning equipment you need to keep your facility clean and running smooth.


Walk Behind Floor

This is what you’ll want to consider if you have tight areas, narrow doorways, and ramps.


Ride-On Floor
Ride-on machines improve productivity by 400% compared to manual equipment.



Full Equipment

Our technicians carry common repair parts so you aren’t stuck waiting on stalled equipment.



Never worry about dirty floors again.

Just like these satisfied customers.



Get your facility clean and keep it that way in three easy steps: 


Industrial_Cleaning_Schedule_Icon_400px 1. Schedule a Demo

We'll learn about your facility, so we can recommend the right machine that will save you time and money.


Industrial_Cleaning_Demo_Icon_400px 1. See It In Action

We’ll bring our recommendations out to your facility so you can see it clean your floors.  


Industrial_Cleaning_Training_Icon_400px 1. Get Free Training

When we deliver your machine, we host a free class to train your team on how to operate your new equipment.

Request Your Free On-Site Demo

With the right industrial machine, you get more than clean floors.

The right scrubber/sweeper can give you the highest ROI of any other equipment in your warehouse.

A Safer Environment

Injury settlement payouts from slip and fall lawsuits range from $40,000 to more than $12 million.

Lower Labor Costs

Employees pushing brooms and mops cost you money. 90% of the cost to maintain floors goes to that wasted labor.

Passed Inspections

Whether it’s a government inspector or your biggest client, your floors will pass their critique with flying colors.

Need sweeper scrubber service now?



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Ditch the high cost of dirty floors.

Create a better work culture, happier customers, and pass all government inspections when you let industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers keep your floors clean and hazard-free.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment Buyer's Guide

A floor cleaning machine reduces labor costs and gets floors cleaner, but with so many options, it can be time-consuming to find the right industrial floor cleaning equipment for your operation and budget.

That's why we created Save Money and Safeguard Your Business with Commercial Cleaning Equipment. Our free guide includes information about:

  • Disc Vs Cylindrical Floor Scrubbers
  • When to Choose a Walk-Behind Vs. Ride-On
  • Buy, Lease or Rent Cost Comparisons
  • BONUS: Pre-Cleaning Checklist
  • and more!


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