High-Speed Roll Up Doors

A Fast, Reliable Door Solves Many Problems

Does Your Roll Up Door Leak Money?
High Speed Door Albany RR300Do people pass through your dock or cleanroom door more than 55x per day? If so, a high-speed roll up door can cut thousands of dollars from your energy bill. You’ll also enjoy a cleaner facility and fewer complaints from employees about that d@#% door that’s always breaking down.

  • Safeguard Your Facility - against dirt, dust, bugs and other contaminants.
  • Improve Climate Control - and reduce energy bills.
  • Reliable and Safe - high-speed doors don't have tracks, chains, or pinch points. 
Guaranteed to Last- we sell high-quality Albany doors backed by a 5-year, 1 million cycle warranty (with minimal maintenance they last much longer).

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Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of high-speed roll up doors for different applications.

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Keep It Clean

High-speed industrial doors open and close in 1-2 seconds, minimizing exposure to outside temperatures and contaminants.

Protect Employees

Touch-free high-speed doors are safer to operate. Sensors open and close the door when needed. There are no chains or tracks that can injure maintenance personnel.

Impress Clients

High-speed doors give your business a "wow" factor. They’re smart, simple to use, fast and easy to keep clean.

Don’t Let Profits Float Out the Door

Albany, The Smarter Choice


TMHNC is proud to sell Albany doors, the recognized leader in high-speed roll up doors.
Albany doors are known to last more than a decade and come with a 5-year, 1 million cycle warranty. Don't make the mistake of "buying cheap and crying twice.” An Albany door will provide years of reliable performance.

Albany’s specially-engineered doors are the superior choice for:

Interior Warehouse Door rr300-Albany 200px

Interior Doors

Maintain climate control and blocks dust and debris with a full perimeter seal. Flexible curtains, a soft bottom edge and advanced safety systems eliminate damage from accidental impact.

GA-Aquarium_RR1500 200px

Exterior Doors

Establish a secure barrier between interior and exterior environments with a high-speed door designed to resist fierce weather conditions while providing reliability, security and aesthetics.

RR Freeze 200px

Cold Storage

From freezer to loading dock, Albany high-speed doors offer superior climate control for high-traffic cold storage applications including: cooler, freezer and dual-climate.

RR300 Clean 200px


Maintain stringent requirements (up to ISO Class 5) in pharmaceutical, laboratory, semiconductor, or other applications with exceptionally fast speeds, tight seals and reliable performance.

Is a High Speed Roll Up Door Right for Your Cleanroom?

Is a High-Speed Roll Up Door Right for Your Cleanroom?

Whether you need have a medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, laboratory, or food processing application, use our buyer’s checklist to choose a durable, long-lasting cleanroom door that will improve the productivity and cleanliness of your facility.

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High-Speed Roll Up Doors for Cold Rooms and Freezers

Benefits of High-Speed Doors for Cold Rooms and Freezer Applications

The most cost-effective way to improve climate control (and profits) is to ditch your old sectional door for a fast, reliable roll up door. Stop losing valuable product to condensation, frost and spoilage. If climate control is critical to your operation, a rapid roll door is one of the smartest investments you can make.

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Save Money and Protect Your Business

Is a high-speed door worth the investment? Absolutely. Review our list of 6 Money-Saving Reasons to Use a High-Speed Door.

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