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Fleet Management 

For facility managers who know what gets measured, gets managed. 
Save Money | Manage Forklift Utilization | Track Damage | Track Maintenance

Increase  Forklift Productivity and Profitability

T-Matics Mobile

T-Matics Mobile is advantageous for any size fleet and operates entirely via a cellular signal. Generate reports on a single forklift or the entire fleet. T-Matics Mobile data will transfer anywhere an appropriate cellular signal is detected and stransmits data on the forklift only.

T-Matics Command

T-Matics Command can operator over cellular or WiFi and is a more comprehensive telematics solution. It's a facility-based forklift and forklift operator management solution. Data can be transmitted on the forklift and on the forklift operator.

Installation Options

T-Matics requires an internext browser and all T-Matics can be installed in the field by Toyota's Certified Technicians or factory installed on new forklift purchases. Only an internet browser is required. Both are capable of
web-based reporting.

"T-Matics is a solutions-based product that helps cut costs while concurrently improving productivity."

Jewell Brown, TMHU National Manager of Fleet Management

"Strong research and collaboration between Toyota, our partners and our dealers have strengthened our fleet management offerings and greatly increased the level of customer support we can provide."

Terry Rains, TMHU VP of Aftermarket Sales


Improve your efficiency and productivity today!



Toyota Industrial Equipment's T-Matics is the ideal solution for any warehouse or distribution center manager looking to increase productivity and profitability.

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