Buying New or Used Electric Forklifts 

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Our Electric Forklift Buyers Guide includes 15 pages of information for both new and experienced forklift buyers including

  • Why electric forklifts now outsell gas-powered lift trucks
  • How to easily calculate if buying an electric forklift will save you money
  • Which operations should NOT buy an electric forklift
  • Inspection tips for buying a used electric forklift
  • When to buy versus lease an electric forklift

Our free guide also describes the different types of electric lift trucks including: sit-down, high-capacity, stand-up, 3-wheel, reach trucks and order pickers.

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Don’t Let Outdated Beliefs Prevent You From Saving Money

Learn the truth behind common myths and misconceptions about electric forklifts. Today’s electric forklifts perform just as well in acceleration, incline speed and lifting capacity as their gas-powered counterparts. Download our free guide to learn about:

  • Pneumatic electric forklifts built for rugged outdoor work
  • A high-capacity electric lift capable of handling up to 45,000 lbs
  • How an average operation can save $25,000 over five years

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Electric Forklift Pros & Cons

When to buy an electric forklift vs. an internal combustion forklift

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New technology allows many operations to avoid battery changing

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Used Electric Forklifts

Learn inspection tips from a professional used forklift buyer