TMHNC Proxxi Social Distancing Wristband Demo

See the Proxxi Wristband in Action

Manage Covid-19 Disruptions at Your Workplace

Protect your workers with social distancing alerts, reduce disruptions to your business with contact tracing reports, and help your employees feel safe.

This is a wrist-worn band that vibrates when another band is within 6 feet, reminding them of the need to maintain social distance.

In the case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Proxxi Contact's reporting helps with contact tracing.

Social Distancing
    • Contact’s lightweight wristband gently vibrates to alert workers when they are within 6-feet of another band-wearer.

Contact Tracing

  • Our system will identify all workers that have come within 6 feet of an infected band-wearer.
Targeted Containment
  • Contact’s data allows you to alert only those who are at risk.
  • Digital contact tracing reduces business closures when using Digital Contact Tracing reports supplied by Proxxi.

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