Forklift Field Technicians - TMH Employee Spotlight

by TMH on September 28, 2017

employee spotlight forklift field technicians
It's time for another TMH employee spotlight! Forklift field technicians from our branches in Livermore and Fresno share what they love about their jobs and what they enjoy doing in their free time.  

 Forklift Field Tech TMH Livermore Daniel Lal

Daniel Lal - Forklift Field Technician - Livermore
TMHNC Employee since 2010

My first job was working at Jamba Juice. In my free time I like to go fishing, and spend time with my wife and kids. 


TMHNC Is A Great Company! I actually enjoy going to work. I've had the pleasure of working with and meeting some great people. There's great opportunity for advancement; I've watched people grow so much in this company. The work load is challenging sometimes, but that's what keeps everything exciting and interesting. 

This is a photo of a shop job that came in for repair. I had to remove the cab assembly, remove the engine and transmission, separate the transmission from the engine, so that the engine block could be repaired. Once the engine block was repaired I had to reinstall, the engine, transmission, and cab assembly.

Favorite movie(s):  Back to the Future 1 2 & 3
Mild, Medium or Spicy? Spicy


Justin "Kentucky" Vowels - Forklift Field Technician - Fresno
TMHNC Employee Since 2015

Ever since I can remember I have always had a wrench in my hand. Due to my Dad owning his own industrial equipment repair business back in Kentucky, working on forklifts has been on my resume since day one.  I've always enjoyed working with my hands. I like the satisfaction of fixing something that was once broken. I enjoy a challenge, and learning new things. My job at TMHNC has done all of that for me.

TMHNC is different from other places I've worked because the relationship between management and technicians is refreshingly different. This is definitely a company that realizes the importance of having good technicians.

I feel like there is a good mixture of corporate structure and family atmosphere in this company.  TMHNC takes really good care of their employees. From pay/benefits to being understanding and flexible to help technicians with their families. TMHNC is definitely a cut above the rest. I can honestly say that everyone that I have met, from the CEO to my fellow techs, has made it easier being so far away from my family back in Kentucky.
Toyota-Material-Handling-Employee-JustinIn my freetime I enjoy camping, hiking, off roading in my Jeep, going to car shows and races, and spending time with my kids. 

Favorite movie(s): It's a tie between Bullitt and Two Lane Blacktop
Mild, Medium or Spicy? Spicy!

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