Why High-Speed Doors Are a Superior Choice for Your Cleanroom Facility

Cleanrooms are utilized across a host of industries not limited to:

  • cGMP life sciences
  • Food production
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Semi-conductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical devices

Every square inch of a designated clean facility is constantly monitored to keep contaminants low and compliance in check.

But the fact is that many of these facilities are using dated technology when it comes to one of their most crucial areas - cleanroom doors.

Invest in Lower Energy Bills, Not Roll Up Door Repairs

How much money have you spent repairing your overhead door in the last five years? 

If you owned a high-speed roll up door, your answer would likely be “zero.” They don’t break down, they don’t damage equipment and they don’t injure employees.

High-speed doors are self-repairing and backed by a 5-year, one million cycle warranty. Not only that, a high-speed door quickly pays for itself through reduced energy bills.

Right now, there are two incentives that make buying a new roll up door more affordable than ever. Contact us for details, or read on to learn more about the many benefits of swapping your old, unreliable door for a fast new one.

How Much Does a High-Speed Overhead Door Cost?

Ready to replace your overhead door? You basically have two options: get another old-school roll-up door, or invest in an energy-saving high-speed door. 

Industrial high-speed doors are the superior choice because they instantly: 

  • Boost productivity - the door can open/close in 1-2 seconds
  • Improve profitability - by slashing thousands of dollars from your energy bills
  • Minimize downtime - the door is self-healing and is always operational
But high-speed roll up doors cost a lot more than traditional doors. Or do they?

High-Speed Roll Up Doors for Cold Rooms and Freezers

In a climate-controlled facility, temperature regulation is everything. A few degrees one way or the other can mean the difference between a good day and a terrible one. 

The most cost-effective way to  improve climate control (and profits) is to ditch your low tech door for a fast, reliable roll up door.  Stop losing valuable product to condensation, frost and spoilage. If climate control is critical to your operation, a reliable rapid-roll door is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Is a High-Speed Roll Up Door Right for Your Cleanroom?

Imagine you have an employee who keeps others from being productive and calls in sick more than anyone else. This person repeatedly causes cross-contamination and ignores your requests to improve their behavior.

What would you do with this employee? You would fire them, of course.

If this “employee” sounds like your cleanroom door (slow, prone to breakdowns and frustrating to other team members), it’s time to cut ties. When your business depends on providing the highest quality products, you can’t have sub-standard equipment. Period.

Whether you need a cleanroom door for a medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, or laboratory application, our buyer’s checklist can help you choose a quality, long-lasting door that will improve the productivity and cleanliness of your facility.

How High Speed Doors Save California Businesses Time and Money

According to the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), any application with 55 door cycles (open/close) per day will gain significant energy savings by replacing a standard rolling steel or sectional door with a high-speed unit.

In the Bay Area, and Central California, hundreds of facilities with high-traffic applications have switched to high speed doors. They preserve cleanliness, conserve energy by helping to maintain a consistent temperature, and offer other cost-saving benefits.

  • Cold storage facilities in Salinas and Central Valley use insulated high-speed doors for cold storage to control temperature.
  • Food processing centers in Salinas, Fresno and Sacramento use high-speed doors to control the environment within their production areas.
  • The wine industry in Napa and Sonoma Counties utilize high-speed doors for climate and environmental controls
  • Large distribution facilities up and down the Central Valley use high-speed doors for climate control and to improve operator efficiency in their warehouses.

High-Speed Roll Up Doors

High-speed doors are a simple yet effective solution for high-traffic applications that require climate control or need to preserve the cleanliness of a facility. Read on to learn more about different types of industrial high-speed doors and why they’re the smarter choice for food processing, beverage, refrigeration, chemical and pharmaceuticals applications.

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