When to Replace Floor Sweeper Parts

Commercial floor sweepers do a great job keeping parking lots, warehouses and other operations looking their best. To get the most out of your investment, it's important to regularly replace the wearable parts such as the brushes, broom and the main dust filter. Failing to maintain the equipment can result in inefficient cleaning and damage to your machine.

When to Replace Advance Auto Floor Scrubber Parts

An industrial floor cleaning machine can give you cleaner, more hygienic floors while saving time and labor costs. To ensure you're getting clean floors, your auto scrubber needs its wearable parts replaced regularly.

4 Reasons to Use Forklift Fork Extensions

Extendable reachforks are an easy way to improve the efficiency of your warehouse. By converting standard lift trucks to carry twice as many pallets, you’ll experience substantial cost savings. Fork extensions also allow your operation to switch to double-deep pallet racks - which can increase warehouse space by 30%.

The four main advantages of hydraulic forklift extensions/ reachforks are:

    • Space saving with double-deep pallet racks
    • Time savings for applications with numerous load sizes and shapes
    • Unload and load multiple pallets per pick for 50% time savings
    • Load/unload trailers from just one side - improve safety, save time and labor costs

Forklift Parts - Glossary and Buyers Guide

Whether you repair forklifts in-house or work with a dealership, it’s helpful to know the different parts of a forklift so you can effectively communicate with a maintenance technician. There are also a few pitfalls to avoid when buying forklift parts. We’ll share a few horror stories and explain what the customer could have done differently to avoid losing money.

When to Choose Aftermarket Forklift Parts

What is an Aftermarket part? The term “Aftermarket” is commonly used to describe a part that is not made by, or supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

When should I buy Aftermarket parts? Aftermarket parts can provide a cost effective alternative to OEM parts when labor warranty of the part is not a concern. Aftermarket parts can also provide more choices of useful options for different types of applications.

Read on for best-selling aftermarket parts that are an excellent value.

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