How to Inspect Forklift Forks and Know When to Replace Them

The metal forks on your forklift may seem indestructible, but eventually they wear out just like any other machine part. In fact, 29% of all independently-inspected forks fail safety standards.

A quick once-over isn’t enough to determine if a fork needs to be replaced. For this reason, ANSI/ITSDF B-56.1 standards require forks be inspected at least once per year (for single shift operations). Similarly, OSHA requires all powered industrial trucks, including forks, be examined daily or after each shift if they are utilized 24/7.

Skipping your fork inspections can lead to a snapped fork, dropped load and an all-around bad day! Read on to learn how to prevent accidents before they happen.

How to Inspect Forklift Chains & Know When to Replace Them

Forklift chains lift thousands of pounds every day. If a forklift chain should fail, both the operator and any personnel nearby are in danger of serious injury and even death from the dropped load. Forklift chain inspection is part of OSHA’s pre-operation inspection for forklifts, but some damage can be easily missed. In today’s post, we’ll review what kind of damage to look for when inspecting forklift chains and identifying when the chain should be replaced.

Service Contracts for Your Forklift, Pallet Jack or Scissor Lift

Service agreements, also known as planned maintenance (PM) contracts are designed to:

  • Increase the life of equipment / maximize trade-in value
  • Decrease downtime and avoid unexpected repair costs
  • Streamline and set monthly operational expenses
  • Keep the operator and products safe from injury and damage
  • Maintain OSHA compliance

The cost of a maintenance plan for your forklift, sweeper-scrubber, aerial lift or pallet jack depends on how many hours the equipment operates each quarter. Over time, service plans can easily pay for themselves

At TMHNC we offer three full maintenance plans to accommodate all fleets and budgets. These plans include the needed services and parts and labor for repairs on normal wear and tear items. The silver and platinum are more inclusive to help take the customer out of the forklift repair business.

Forklift Repair: Easier Said Than Done

Looking for ways to bring down costs in your department? Managing the repair and maintenance costs of your forklift fleet is a good place to start. Below are some tips to help reach your goal.

Movember Maintenance Tips for Man and Machine

November, also known as “Movember” in homage to the moustache, is all about men’s health. Too many of us take better care of our vehicles than our own bodies. The same guys who’d never miss an oil change haven’t had their cholesterol checked in years.

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than half of cancer deaths could be prevented through healthy choices and regular screenings. Your body is the most important piece of machinery you’ll ever own. So in honor of Movember, we’re going to take a quick look at maintenance tips for both man and machine.

How Often Do Forklifts Need Maintenance? 6 Questions to Ask

How often do I really need to perform planned maintenance on my forklift or manlift?
We hear this question often. The correct answer involves knowing about the individual operation, type and quantity of lifts and the environment in which the equipment operates on a daily basis.

Below is a list of questions to evaluate a fleet’s maintenance needs. Once maintenance frequency is determined, a scheduled maintenance plan helps avoid costly repairs and minimizes dreaded downtime.

4 Reasons to Buy Contracted Maintenance For Your Forklift

Consumers these days are often asked to buy extended warranties and other product protection plans. You break it? We will buy you a new one. Blew out a new tire? We will replace it for free. But all too often when these problems arise, we find out what is in the small print excludes coverage.

It’s these real life experiences that teach us: when a Sales Representative tries to sell you product protection, you respectfully decline. Forklift Contract Maintenance - I can tell you from experience - is quite the opposite.

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