Toyota Heavy Duty | High Capacity | Indoor Forklifts

Toyota’s Heavy Duty forklift power is now available indoors. With up to 100,000 lb. capacity on IC models and 40,000 lb. for electric, these tough customers can lift and move just about anything: auto parts, huge paper rolls, steel and other raw materials.

Built with a heavy steel cross supports, impact resistant side thrusters and a heavy duty planetary drive axel, the THDC Line doesn’t flinch. Load-sensing hydraulics and engine management systems ensure your forklift can rise to meet any challenge.

When to Use an Electric Vs. Propane Forklift

Choosing the best forklift for your business isn’t easy, even for experienced buyers. You have to decide between new vs. used, Toyota vs. the other guys, and of course fuel type.

One of the more common questions we get from forklift buyers is, “should I go with an electric or LP forklift?”
  • Both are clean and quiet compared to gas or diesel
  • Electric forklifts cost more upfront but have a lower cost of ownership overall
  • Changing a propane tank is easier than changing a battery, but electric battery tech has come along way. Many two-shift operations only need one battery

So which one is better? It all depends on your operation...

3 Things to Know Before You Buy an Electric Personnel Carrier

Personnel carriers are a cost-effective way to transport staff, security personnel, a maintenance crew, or even customers. These vehicles are not street-legal,* but are ideal for factories, warehouses, sports arenas and other outdoor venues.

Electric personnel carriers and passenger trams meet or exceed the performance of gas-powered vehicles, but cost much less to repair and maintain. In today’s post, we’ll answer common questions about these vehicles and give you some suggestions on what to ask before you make a purchase.

* Looking for information about buying a street-legal golf cart or electric maintenance vehicle? Please read our earlier post.

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