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3 Things to Know Before You Buy an Electric Personnel Carrier

Personnel carriers are a cost-effective way to transport staff, security personnel, a maintenance crew, or even customers. These vehicles are not street-legal,* but are ideal for factories, warehouses, sports arenas and other outdoor venues.

Electric personnel carriers and passenger trams meet or exceed the performance of gas-powered vehicles, but cost much less to repair and maintain. In today’s post, we’ll answer common questions about these vehicles and give you some suggestions on what to ask before you make a purchase.

* Looking for information about buying a street-legal golf cart or electric maintenance vehicle? Please read our earlier post.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Electric Golf Cart or Maintenance Vehicle

Over the last several years, design innovations have transformed the simple golf cart into an electric maintenance vehicle widely used on college campuses, resorts, and outdoor venues. And an increasing number of people use their street-legal golf cart, also known as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle or NEV, in place of a car.

In this post, we’ll address common questions about buying an electric maintenance vehicle or street legal golf cart. Including:

- What’s the difference between a golf cart, and a NEV or LSV?
- How far can an electric maintenance vehicle or golf cart go on a single charge?
- How long do the batteries last?
- Buying a used versus new electric vehicle
- Additional factors to consider before you buy

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