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Build Pallets Faster with New Electric Order Pickers

The name Toyota is synonymous with continual innovation, and Toyota's new line of order pickers is no exception. The new order picker forklifts include customer-requested improvements including:
  • Intuitive, ergonomic controls
  • Low-maintenance AC motors
  • New Lift Logic technology
Toyota’s new order pickers can carry 3,000 pounds and are ideal for use in narrow-aisle, high-volume distribution centers including: 3PL, general warehousing, manufacturing, retail, food and cold storage. With lift heights of up to 390 inches and optional rail and wire guidance systems, operators can comfortably pick from even your tallest racks. Read on for four money-saving reasons to choose pallet picking equipment from Toyota.

Narrow Aisle Warehouse Equipment

Narrow Aisles and Very Narrow Aisles enable a warehouse or distribution center to maximize space, but can also make material handling a challenge. Most forklifts are too large to turn and stack a load in a narrow aisle - but what’s the alternative? An expensive and financially risky building expansion?

As an increasing number of warehouses and distribution centers opt for narrow aisles, Toyota developed new solutions - even for very narrow aisles only 5-7 feet wide.

Narrow Aisle Definition:

Typical aisles: 10.5 feet wide or more (126 inches +)
Narrow aisles: 8.5’ - 10.5 feet wide (102-126 inches)
Very narrow aisles: 5-7 feet wide (60-84 inches)

In this article, we’ll review a variety of reach trucks, order pickers and forklifts and which equipment is best for narrow aisles versus very narrow aisles.

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