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When to Buy a 3-Wheel Forklift Vs. Stand-Up Rider Forklift

This month's product review post compares Toyota's Stand-up Counterbalance Rider (8BNCU18) to Toyota's Three-wheel Electric Forklift (8FBE18U).

The price range for these two products is similar,
 $30,000- $40,000. Both are an excellent value for the money, and both come in a wide range of lifting heights. So how do you choose the best lift truck for your operation?

Forklifts for Food Processing and Warehousing

Fast turnaround, frequent wash-downs, cold storage and corrosive fluids are just a few reasons food processing facilities and warehouses require superior material handling equipment. Sub-standard or unreliable machines can cause spoiled product, lost productivity and expensive repairs.

Downtime is something every material handling operation wants to avoid, but for food processing operations downtime is a dirty word. In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the best material handling equipment available for:
- commercial food processing
- cold storage warehouses
- food and beverage material handling

How to Buy the Right Forklift Battery

The alternate title of this post could be, “how to avoid paying double for your forklift battery.” When uninformed buyers choose a cheap battery with no warranty, they inevitably end up buying a second battery - the right battery - a short while later.

Before you spend a few thousand dollars on a battery, take a few moments to learn how to choose the right battery for your forklift and important questions to ask.

Toyota Heavy Duty | High Capacity | Indoor Forklifts

Toyota’s Heavy Duty forklift power is now available indoors. With up to 100,000 lb. capacity on IC models and 40,000 lb. for electric, these tough customers can lift and move just about anything: auto parts, huge paper rolls, steel and other raw materials.

Built with a heavy steel cross supports, impact resistant side thrusters and a heavy duty planetary drive axel, the THDC Line doesn’t flinch. Load-sensing hydraulics and engine management systems ensure your forklift can rise to meet any challenge.

Should You Buy an LP Forklift or an Electric Forklift?

 Both liquified petroleum (LP) forklifts and electric forklifts offer a cleaner, quieter alternative to gas or diesel-powered lift trucks. So which is better?

- Some applications, like food, pharmaceutical or underground facilities are required to use electric forklifts. Electric forklifts also have a lower cost of ownership in the long term.
- On the other hand, propane forklifts can be used indoors or outdoors, and changing tanks is easier than changing a forklift battery.

Read on to read a complete list of the major pros and cons of electric vs. propane forklifts.

Review: Toyota Electric Stand-Up  Rider

Product Name:  Toyota Electric Stand Up Rider 
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity:  3,000 – 4,000 lb
Notable feature(s): Dock-to-stock flexibility, 10 ft. narrow-aisle navigability, AC drive and lift motors, side stance operation for intuitive forward and reverse travel, lift heights up to 23 feet, can support multiple shifts.
Price Range: $34k - $45k 
Value for the money: Excellent 

- Safety options include: strobe light, travel alarm, LED mast-mounted work lights, LED rear work light, LED operator compartment light, operator compartment fan, battery side gate interlock, and impact monitor system with operator log-in and integrated safety checklists.
- Integral side shifter available for reduced handling time and improved maneuverability.
- Cold Storage Conditioning available for optimal performance in cold temperatures.

Best for: This stand-up forklift is specifically designed for indoor applications with limited warehouse space, narrow aisles, and/or applications that require the operator to get on and off the lift throughout the day. It's ideal for:  food and beverage,  cold storage, general warehousing, general manufacturing, factory, retail,  food processing, and applications with multiple shifts.

Not recommended for: The Toyota Stand-up Rider is not suited for applications with unfinished or uneven flooring (dirt, gravel, mud), or where operators are on their forklift for the majority of the day with no reason to get on and off.

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Review: Toyota Mid Electric Forklift

Product Name:  Toyota Mid Electric  
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity: 4,000 -6,500 
Notable feature(s): AC Drive Motor, No Tools Required Floorboard, On Demand Power Steering
Price Range: $30,000 - $45,000
Value for the money: Excellent
Sideshifter, side-shifting fork positioner, cold storage package, strobe lights, travel beepers, speed limiters, rear view mirrors, non-marking tires, hydraulic hose protectors.

Best for: indoor applications, food processing, cold storage, beverage, retail, general warehousing, general manufacturing.
Not recommended for: outdoor applications, narrow aisle applications, rough terrain.

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Forklift Battery Types and Battery Changers

Most forklifts come with a standard flat plate battery. You may be wondering if a waterless battery or tubular plate battery would service your operational needs better. In this post, we’ll review the pros and cons of different types of forklift batteries. We’ll also go over a few ways multi-shift operations can save time (and therefore money) changing out batteries between shifts.

Forklift Batteries: Conventional Vs. Fast Vs. Opportunity Charging

What's the difference between the conventional method of charging a forklift battery versus fast-charging and opportunity charging? G enerally speaking, conventional charging is best for single-shift operations. Multi-shift facilities can save time and money with fast or opportunity charging. In this post, we’ll review the pros and cons of each method and special considerations like truck modifications and the cost of new chargers. 

Review: Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

Product Name: Toyota Three Wheel Electric Forklift (8FBE15-20U)
Manufacturer: Toyota
Lift Capacity: 3000 - 4000lbs
Notable feature(s): Extreme maneuverability
Price Range:
$27,000 - $34,000  
Value for the money:
Key Options:

Mini Levers - comfortable controls and less arm stress on operator
Blue Light - shines on floor so that pedestrians can see the lift coming
Rear assist grip - with horn button

Best for: These forklifts are uniquely suited for barrel operations in wine caves, narrow-aisle warehouses (or any operation with limited space) because these machines can turn in less than their own length! Every winery needs one...

Not recommended for: The only downside to these lifts is that they are harder on dock leveler plates and generally require the next weight capacity up.

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