How to Move More Product in Less Time

There are only so many hours in a day. So if you need to get more done in the same amount of time, forklift attachments are a great way to go. No matter what kind of product you move, the right forklift attachment can pay for itself in improved efficiency by:

  • Moving twice as much product
  • Improving driver productivity
  • Simplifying your workflow
  • Reducing product handling/damage
  • Eliminating costly, strenuous, and sometimes dangerous manual labor

Cascade Fork Positioner Product Review

 Product Name:  Fork Positioner Attachment
Manufacturer: Cascade
Interesting features: Fork Positioners allow lift truck operators to hydraulically move the forks together or further apart (individually or together) to quickly and accurately fit different pallet or load sizes without leaving their seat.

Price Range:  5,500 lb capacity models range from $1690 -$5950
(wide positioning = $5815 - $8500)
Value for the money:  Cascade's fork positioner offers excellent value for all lift trucks handling different pallet sizes or irregular loads.

Best for:  Whether in a single forklift operation or a large fleet, fork positioners can provide flexibility and improve profitability when handling varied load sizes.  Fork positioners can provide significant productivity gains in applications where  the forklift operator leaves their seat multiple times a day to adjust the position of their forks (or for applications with irregular or varied loads).

- Fork positioners are commonly used in agriculture, paper handling, construction, machine shops, and food and beverage industries.

- High-visibility, hang-on style fork positioners are ideal for distribution, warehousing and manufacturing applications.

- Heavier-duty models meet the needs of more demanding applications such as outdoor or rugged/corrosive environments that require long forks or handling material with extended load centers.

Not recommended for: Any application that can handle all of their loads with the same fork position.  For these customers, a standard side-shifter will suffice.

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Single-Double Forklift Attachments

It’s been said that the single-double forklift attachment may have been the greatest thing to happen to material handling productivity in the last thirty years. The single-double allows a standard forklift to carry two pallets at a time instead of one.

At TMH we sell Cascade’s single-double pallet handler which can hydraulically lift, carry and side-shift multiple pallets side by side. Moving double the loads means fewer trips and greater productivity, and side-shifting allows faster, more accurate loading of trucks and containers.

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Forklift Attachment

A used forklift attachment can be a smart way for your operation to stay competitive without busting your budget. For example, a single-double forklift attachment allows one forklift to handle two pallets which means fewer trips, increased productivity and efficiency.

By purchasing a used forklift attachment from a trusted dealer like TMH, you can ensure the equipment will:
- Work with your equipment
- Be a good fit for your operation
- Include a guarantee
(TMH includes a 30-day warranty on used attachments)

Any forklift attachment takes the brunt of the abuse and use during its initial life. Purchasing a used attachment from an experienced Dealer will ensure your purchase has been properly inspected for stress fractures and other “hidden” issues that, missed or ignored, could result in premature failure or expensive issues after the purchase.

Read to learn more about the things you should know before purchasing a used forklift attachment.

Forklift Capacity - How Much Do You Need?

If the
data plate on your forklift says its rated capacity is 10,000 lbs, that doesn't necessarily mean you can lift any load weighing less than 10,000 lbs. The load dimensions, placement, weight distribution of the load and any forklift attachments affect your lift truck's true maximum capacity.

Today's blog post will answer the questions:
- What is rated capacity vs. net/payload capacity
How much can a forklift actually lift?
- What is load center?
How to choose a forklift with the right capacity

Forklift Attachments for the Wine Industry

Toyota Material Handling of Northern California has been a long time partner of winemakers in Napa / Sonoma. We’re proud to help vineyards large and small make more efficient use of their limited time and staff.

Forklift attachments are one of the most important tools utilized by wineries. Barrel handlers literally do the heavy lifting while carton clamps can eliminate the need for pallets. Rotators and forward bin dumpers quickly and cleanly handle macro bins full of grapes.

Forklifts and Forklift Attachments

Some people think forklift attachments are only for specialized applications like moving big rolls of paper. But the reality is, attachments give your forklift super powers. Like the power to handle up to 12 pallets at once, adjust to different pallet sizes and even handle loads that aren’t even on a pallet.

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