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by TMH on September 12, 2017

now hiring forklift technicians northern california

At any company, it's the people who make a difference. Toyota Material Handling Northern California (TMHNC) is proud to be a family company -  in terms of ownership, the camaradrie among team members, and because we offer competitive salaries and great benefits so our staff and their families can live happy, healthy lives.  In this post, we'd like you to meet a few of our forklift field technicians.


Jason-Mansker-TMHNC.jpgJason Mansker - Forklift Field Technician - West Sacramento
TMHNC employee since 2002

My first job was at Burger King at 15, my first mechanic job was Big O tires at 18.  In my free time I enjoy working on my classic 1954 Chevy Bel-air or taking road trips on my motorcycle. JasonM-bike.jpg

The thing I like most about my job is that every day there's always something new. I don't drive to the same office everyday- one day I'll be in Fresno the next day I'll be in Placerville or the East Bay. 

Favorite movie(s) Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile
Mild, Medium or Spicy? I love it Spicy!

Lee-James-TMHNC.jpgLee James - Forklift Field Technician
TMHNC employee since 2008

My first job was working at Indian Dunes 600 acre off road park in So Cal where I did everything from picking up trash to operating heavy equipment for track preparation or working as a cashier for customers entering.  I raced sprint cars from 1975 - 1990 traveling with the World of Outlaws in 79 & 80 finishing 4th and 3rd in the point standings respectively. Today, most of my free time is taken up camping or spending time with the grandkids. 
What is nice about working at TMHNC is that as long as you're doing your job and following all that is asked management is very supportive and provides all the tools needed to make the job flow.  All the tech's get along at my branch and are willing to help each other and that is something that is not found at other businesses.

Favorite movie:  I enjoy most of Clint Eastwood's western movies 
Mild, Medium or Spicy? I prefer spicy food


Ken Mayes - Forklift Field Technician
TMHNC employee since 2016

My first job was working at Naugles restaurant in Southern California. In my free time I like to ride my motorcycle. I belong to a motorcycle club called Chariots of Light. IMG_2268.JPG.jpeg

What do I like about working at TMHNC? Pretty much everything. The pay is great, we have great insurance and pretty much we're our own boss. I’m not an office kind of guy, I like the freedom.  

TMHNC is a family run company, which is cool. Mark and Stephan are very personable, and I like the vision they have for growth. That’s important to me. I don’t want to be somewhere that’s going to plateau.

They recently started an apprenticeship program for kids just out of HS or college that want to get trained up. It's a great idea, and the training is really good. I worked on Nissan's before this so I got training on Toyotas. At TMHNC they give you online classes and send you to training, they don't just throw you to the wolves!
 It’s a real family that genuinely cares about their employees. It’s a great place to work. 

Favorite movie or actor: I like Sean Connery
Mild, Medium or Spicy? I really like it spicy, but I shouldn’t eat it too much, so medium.

TMHNC is currently hiring Forklift Technicians to work in the field (West Sacramento, Livermore, Salinas and Fresno, CA). Get more info or request an interview via our website.

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