Top 7 Forklift Options to Reduce Maintenance Costs

by Jamie Harrison on December 19, 2017
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top 7 forklift options that reduce maintenance costsSmart buyers know: a forklift with the right options is a machine that lasts longer and has fewer problems. This article includes best forklift options for class 4 and 5 lift trucks to reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs and create a low cost of ownership. For each option, we’ll note if a particular option is beneficial to all applications, or only specific ones.

Forklift Options That Lower Maintenance Costs

The following factory options are specifically designed to reduce downtime and  maintenance costs:

Toyota forklift multi-function displayOption: Multi-function Display
Benefits: Measure the health of your forklift with on-board diagnostics, an oil temperature indicator with overheat warning, planned maintenance hour meter, and trip meter (in addition to standard odometer). Prevent accidents and abuse by adjusting the speed control settings, program engine auto stop (when operator is not in seat) from 10 seconds to 30 minutes and a torque converter oil temperature indicator with overheat warning.
Recommended for: All applications

Toyota forklift hydraulic-accumulatorOption: Hydraulic Accumulator
Benefits: A hydraulic accumulator absorbs vibration from rough floors to reduce vibration transfer to the load. It improves operator comfort, acts as a shock absorber, reduces shock loading, increases the life of forklift parts, and reduces product damage.
Recommended for: Applications with rough floors or yards. A hydraulic accumulator functions most effectively with light to medium loads. Adjustable and non-adjustable options are available.

Toyota forklift pre-cleanerOption: Pre-cleaner
Benefits: A pre-cleaner reduces the amount of dust to the air cleaner and can allow your lift truck to work longer between services. A pre-cleaner shows the accumulation of dust - making it easy to determine when cleaning is necessary.
Recommended for: Dusty applications

Toyota forklift radiator screenOption: Radiator Screen
Benefits: A radiator screen helps minimize the risk of overheating by significantly reducing the accumulation of lint, fibers, and other workplace debris within the radiator fins. The screen can be easily removed and cleaned by the operator during pre-shift inspections.
Recommended for: All applications

Option: Regulator Drain Valve
Benefits: Used for the draining of fuel contaminants from the LPG regulator during normal vehicle inspection and maintenance, increasing the life of associated LP forklift components.
Recommended for: All applications

Toyota forklift  tilt cylinder bootOption: Tilt Cylinder Boot
Benefits: A tilt cylinder boot protects the tilt cylinder rod from damage caused by dusty/dirty environments where particles may come in contact with the piston rod surface.
Recommended for: Dusty/Dirty applications

Option: String Cutters (cushion tire forklifts only)
Benefits: String cutters on the right and left sides of the front axle help prevent debris from wrapping around the drive axle.
Recommended for: Applications with debris on the floor that could accumulate around the front wheel axles.

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