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Review: GEM Sapphire Fleet Management System

Product Name: GEM ONE Sapphire Fleet Management System                           
Manufacturer: GEM ONE
Notable features:  Impact notifications, GPS (last know position outside), daily operator checklist, operator certification expiration notification (30-days prior), cellular-based (no WiFi required).
Price Range:
 $2,500 - $5,900  
Value for the money:

  • Ability to add up to 4 cameras per unit
  • Fork Scale
  • Pin Code or Key Fob Sign on Options 
  • Indoor GPS (coming soon)
  • Can be installed on propane or electric forklifts as well as many other pieces of equipment (golf carts, scissor lifts, boom lifts, etc.)
  • Battery indicators (water levels & state of charge)

Best for: A fleet size of five or larger
Not recommended for: Extremely dirty or harsh (outdoor) conditions

Forklifts for Food Processing and Warehousing

Fast turnaround, frequent wash-downs, cold storage and corrosive fluids are just a few reasons food processing facilities and warehouses require superior material handling equipment. Sub-standard or unreliable machines can cause spoiled product, lost productivity and expensive repairs.

Downtime is something every material handling operation wants to avoid, but for food processing operations downtime is a dirty word. In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the best material handling equipment available for:
- commercial food processing
- cold storage warehouses
- food and beverage material handling

Sweepers: The Economical Choice to Reduce Stormwater Pollution

Industrial sweepers are an effective and relatively inexpensive way for parking lot owners, property owners and local municipalities to manage stormwater runoff and pollution. Wherever Clean Water Act (CWA) compliance is required, an industrial sweeper can effectively remove pollutants and play a key role in a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP).

Review: Aichi Scissor Lifts

Product Name: Aichi Scissor Lift 
Manufacturer: Toyota Industries Company
Interesting Features:  500-1000 lb capacity, 24-volt AC Drive Motors, Zero Degree Inside Turn Radius, High-efficiency Batter Charger
Price Range: $14,250-$24,500
Value for the money: 
Recommended for:  Construction, general warehousing, retail, facility maintenance, and general manufacturing applications.

TMH Employee Spotlight Fall 2018

In our latest employee spotlight, we'd like you to meet Ryan Chapman, one of our newest forklift technicians, and John Sullivan, Fleet Manager in Livermore.  Check out Ryan's great pic from his world travels, and learn how windmills helped John earn ice cream money as kid.

Is a Lithium Ion Forklift Battery Worth the Extra Expense?

In the material handling industry, productivity and efficiency are two important keys to success. There are only so many hours in the day, so whenever a company can find a way to do more in less time, they gain a competitive advantage. For some operations, especially food processing, 3PL and other multi-shift applications, lithium-ion forklift batteries provide that extra edge by reducing labor costs and improving productivity.

In this article we’ll answer common questions about lithium-ion (L-I) forklift batteries including:
- How long does it take to charge a lithium-ion forklift battery and
- When are lithium-ion forklift batteries worth the extra cost?

Scissor Lift, Cherry Picker or Boom Lift - Which One Do I Need?

Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other aerial lifts can be a cost-effective alternative to scaffolding. The type of aerial lift you need depends on the job location, number of workers, height and other factors.

There isn’t one lift you can use for any task. Choosing the wrong lift can cause delays, increases costs and the potential for an accident. This article explains the most common types of aerial lifts, the pros and cons of each and how to choose the right aerial lift equipment for your job.

When You Call for Forklift Repair, We Send the Best

When a forklift breaks down, you want it repaired quickly and done right the first time. The best way to ensure your lift truck repair is done correctly in the shortest amount of time is to call in an experienced, factory-trained forklift mechanic, also known as a master forklift technician.

Toyota Material Handling of Northern California (TMH) has more than 110 factory-trained technicians to handle forklift repair calls on any make or model of forklift from our locations in the Bay Area, Fresno, Sacramento and Salinas. Of those 110 technicians, approximately two-thirds hold a master-level certification.

In today’s post we’ll explain:
- The difference between a forklift technician and a mechanic
- The value of having a master technician work on your lift truck
- The extensive experience, testing and training it takes to become a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Toyota Master Forklift Technician

How Much Is My Used Forklift Worth?

Whether you're looking to trade-in a used forklift or sell a forklift due to changing operational needs, you may be wondering, how much is my used forklift worth? There are several factors buyers use to calculate the value of a used forklift including hours, age and mast specs.  Equipment appearance and maintenance history can also influence the price. Read on to learn more.

NOTE: If you’re looking to buy rather than sell a used forklift, check out our Buying a Used Forklift page for pro buying tips. Learn about used forklift warranties, how to avoid buying bad equipment and other advice from our experts.

Why Toyota Makes the Best Forklift Engine

Dependable, hardworking, and reliable are just a few words Toyota forklift owners use to describe their trucks, and that’s not just lip-service. Toyota forklift engines are known to last 30,000+ hours without a major engine overhaul -
three times longer than an average forklift engine. Some Toyota 4Y engines are still working hard with 80,000+ hours.

As every experienced forklift buyer knows, it’s what’s inside that counts. Toyota’s internal combustion (IC) engines are designed and continuously refined, for durability and low cost of ownership. Also, most forklift manufactures don't make their own engines, so you don't really know what you're gettingRead on to learn more about what’s under the hood in a Toyota forklift and why Toyota makes the industry's best forklift engines.

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