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Used Forklifts from Toyota Material Handling Northern California

There are many advantages to buying a used Toyota forklift, not the least of which is getting a great piece of equipment for a lower price. Unlike
most forklifts, which only last about 10,000 hours before they become unreliable, Toyota forklifts frequently run for 20,000 hours or more without problems (when properly maintained, of course).

Here are a few more reasons to choose Toyota when you buy a used forklift.
  • Toyota masts are extremely sturdy and built to last
  • The hydraulic system has a reliable control valve that rarely has problems
  • Toyota forklift parts are easy to find
When you buy a used Toyota forklift from TMH in Northern and Central California, you get a pre-owned forklift that’s been inspected and refurbished to be as close to new as possible. For electric lifts, we also include a charger.

Before You Buy a New Forklift, Visit Our East Bay Demo Center

Buying a forklift without doing a hands-on demo is like buying a car without taking a test drive. Two forklifts that seem equal on paper can turn out to be very different in real life.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the lift truck you want, but only a hands-on demo can ensure the equipment you plan to buy meets your standards. Bring your operators, equipment maintenance team and other stakeholders to try one or more forklifts on different pallet racking systems at our state of the art showroom in Livermore, California.

Why the Polaris PRO XD is the Most Reliable Work UTV

You can now buy, lease or rent  the Polaris PRO XD from TMHNC in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno or Salinas. These new vehicles set the standard for durability, productivity and safety in work UTVs,

Forklift Technician Jobs: Road Vs. Shop Tech

Looking for a new career? Whether you have experience as an auto mechanic, or are a mechanically-inclined person who likes helping people, a forklift technician job may be a great option for you.

Skilled mechanics are in demand, and a forklift technician's salary is, on average, better than an auto mechanic's . Many forklift technicians start as shop techs, and as they gain experience, become mobile field technicians.

Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot XL Product Review

Product Name:  Bigfoot XL
Manufacturer: Taylor-Dunn
Capacity:  3,000 lb load capacity, 10,000 lb tow capacity
Price Range: $15,000- $24,000
Value for the money: Excellent

Notable features: 

  • 54” Wide x 77” long deck capable of carrying wide loads & pallets
  • 17 HP AC drive motor
  • Automatic electric brake provides outstanding performance and safety
  • Large operator's compartment with adjustable bucket seats and adjustable steering column

Best for:  With towing capacity up to 10,000 lbs, Bigfoot XL makes an excellent tow vehicle (see helicopter video below). It's also a good choice for indoor warehouse product movement, outdoor facilities maintenance, residential communities, apartment complexes or campuses with multiple buildings to stock or maintain. 


Not recommended for: This vehicle is meant to be driven on firm, solid surfaces. It should not be used in rough terrain applications or driven on public roads.

View current inventory:

Forklift Rental in California - What You Need to Know

Renting a forklift or other material handling equipment can be a cost-effective way to increase capacity without tying up cash in equipment that depreciates. An increasing number of material handling operations in the Bay Area, Central Valley and Central Coast rent forklifts instead of buying so they can invest their cash in income-producing opportunities. 

By the end of this article, you'll know:

TMH Employee Spotlight Spring 2019

Our latest employee spotlight features Sue O'Neil, rental coordinator in Fresno, and Walter Annuzzi a forklift field technician based out of our Livermore location.  These two hardworking individuals do a great job supporting our customers and other TMH team members. Without further ado, meet Walter and Sue...

Forklift and Harvest Equipment Rental

Are you in need of a short or long-term rental? Depending on the time of year, there can be a waiting list for the forklift, attachment or other material handling equipment you need. Avoid headaches and downtime by reserving equipment in advance, and taking advantage of our slow season.

12 Benefits of Long-Term Forklift Rentals

Debating whether to rent versus buy a forklift or other material handling equipment? You're not alone. Long-term rentals are increasingly popular with companies both large and small.

Learn more about the benefits of a long-term equipment rental and whether it's a good choice for your company.

All Terrain and 4WD Forklifts for Farming and Agriculture

Rough terrain forklifts can help farmers and nursery operations improve productivity and gain a competitive edge. A 4 Wheel Drive or all-terrain forklift reduces labor costs while speeding up production. A palletized inventory can also increase storage space and keep things organized.

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