When to Choose Aftermarket Forklift Parts

by Dave Estrada on January 9, 2017
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when to use aftermarket forklift parts

What is an Aftermarket part? The term “Aftermarket” is commonly used to describe a part that is not made by, or supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

When should I buy Aftermarket parts? Aftermarket parts can provide a cost effective alternative to OEM parts when labor warranty of the part is not a concern. Aftermarket parts can also provide more choices of useful options for different types of applications.

Read on for best-selling aftermarket parts that are an excellent value.

Best-Selling Aftermarket Forklift Parts

Seat Belts
An aftermarket seat belt can be a price sensible option for an older forklift.This particular belt is a popular Safety Orange option.

 forklift seat belt


Hood Shock

Shown here is an example of 2 Starlift oem replacement hood shocks we commonly sell


replacement forklift hood shocks


Aftermarket Lighting can provide some cost effective and useful options:


This is a 12V LED Replacement Light with a plastic lens (safe for food environment)


replacement light forklift


Here is a Bullet LED Light good where there is not room for the size of a conventional light (this comes with 2 mounting options – clamp on and post type)


replacement forklift light bullet led


After market Strobe Lights come in a variety of sizes and lens color options (shown in Amber, also available in colors like Blue and Red)


forklift strobe light



The Safety Blue Light has become a popular aftermarket option:


forklift blue safety light


Toyota Material Handling of Northern California carries the full line of Starlift brand aftermarket forklift parts. Contact us online or phone the TMHNC location near you at 800-527-3746 for more information.


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