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How to Choose the Right Floor Scrubber Machine

by Drew Huff on November 1, 2016
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How to choose a floor scrubber sweeper.pngDrop the Mop! Save Time and Get Cleaner Floors With a Power Scrubber. Sticky sodas and greasy drips create a safety hazard for employees and make a poor impression with customers. Things run better in a clean environment, but it can be hard to maintain.

Even low-traffic hallways accumulate a surprising amount of grime that can’t be removed with a mop; break rooms and lobbies are often twice as bad. Maintaining floors with a mop and elbow grease is time-consuming and just can’t get floors as clean as a floor scrubber machine.

Power scrubbers have become increasingly popular to ensure a clean, safe environment in: SC750-SC800.jpg

  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Bakeries, or other food-prep areas
  • Gyms
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Office buildings

A power scrubber is faster than mopping and leaves floors shining clean. Though the initial investment is more than a mop and a bucket, the gains in efficiency and cleanliness are significant and immediately noticeable.

How to Choose the Right Floor Scrubber

There are dozens of floor scrubbing machines on the market. To find the best one for your business, consider the following factors:

Tank size - be sure the scrubber has ample tank space, so time isn’t wasted emptying and refilling tanks.

Machine size - a walk-behind scrubber is versatile and good for areas with tight spaces. Think of it like a vacuum or lawnmower.  There are also large, sit-down, industrial-sized models with a footprint similar to a forklift.

Power source - a battery-operated scrubber offers flexibility (you don’t need an electrical outlet nearby) and safety (no extension cord for someone to trip over).

How noisy is the machine when operating?  This is important for daytime cleaning, or in areas like hospitals where patients may be sleeping.

Intuitive control panel - is the machine easy to operate?

Pressure and dilution adjustments - can you increase scrubbing pressure to take care of tough areas? Can you dial back the dilution level from full-strength chemicals to water only?

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Free Demo and Special Offer

We’re currently offering a special price on the Advance SC750/SC800. This walk-behind floor scrubber is affordable, ergonomic, easy to maneuver and perfect for small facilities or hard to reach places.

Normally priced over $10k, the special price is $7999 + tax until supplies last.

sweeper scrubber buyer guide download

Take advantage of this offer and get:
  • An easy-to-use floor scrubber at an affordable price
  • 3-year factory warranty*
  • Local installation, parts and service support
  • Free delivery available in Northern California.

It’s easy to get started. Contact us today for a free demo.

*Restrictions apply.

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