Top 5 Forklift Tricks

by Mark Andres on December 21, 2017
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top 5 forklift tricksHere are a few of our favorite videos that showcase drivers with amazing forklift skills.  We've got the classic forklift-picks-up-a-quarter video, and a few new surprises. Also, if you like amazing basketball tricks, there's a forklift assist video that's not to be missed.

Forklift Trick Videos

Picking up a quarter with a forklift


Using a forklift to put a quarter on top of a water bottle


A forklift picks up a forklift (part 1)


A forklift picks up a forklift (part 2)


Lighting a cigarette with a forklift
This is an old video, and we don't condone smoking, but the video is worth sharing for the ingenuity and skill to make this video.


Forklift basketball assist

If you like the clip above, watch the whole video which has more forklift trick shots

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