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by Mark Gates on September 11, 2020
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Refresher Training. OSHA 1910.178 (l) (4) (iii) states “An evaluation of each Powered Industrial Truck operators performance shall be conducted at least once every 3 years”. Everyone knows that!

But did you know: there are other, often overlooked reasons that you would be required to provide refresher training more frequently than every 3 years?  1910.178(l) (4) says refresher training in relevant topics shall be provided to the operator when:

Forklift_Operator_Training_4Some companies don’t realize that the four items above require refresher training, - including an evaluation of the effectiveness of that training -  no matter when they occur.  

Also, it’s possible some companies might define an accident or “near miss” as normal driving in their business.  Some organizations may call something “unsafe driving” where as another organization would think the same type of driving is perfectly normal for their business or industry.  Many such “grey” areas exist within the OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training requirements, and some companies just are not aware of them.

How can your organization ensure compliance with the federal and state Powered Industrial Training Operator Training requirements?  Contact the professionals at TMHNC who can answer any questions you may have, and ask for a free on site evaluation of your current operator training and certification program. 

TMHNC has been doing on-site forklift training and certification throughout the bay area for over 25 years, and was the first material handling company in California to offer forklift operator “train the trainer” training.

The TMHNC training department has dedicated full-time trainers available to:

  • Train and certify operators
  • Educate company officials on regulations to ensure compliance
  • Conduct training at  your facility
  • Offer training at any of our TMHNC locations
    (Hayward, Sacramento, Fresno, Salinas).

For questions about this article, federal or state powered industrial truck regulations, TMHNC training programs, or to schedule your free on-site evaluation please contact us.

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