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Used Forklifts from Toyota Material Handling Northern California

There are many advantages to buying a used Toyota forklift, not the least of which is getting a great piece of equipment for a lower price. Unlike
most forklifts, which only last about 10,000 hours before they become unreliable, Toyota forklifts frequently run for 20,000 hours or more without problems (when properly maintained, of course).

Here are a few more reasons to choose Toyota when you buy a used forklift.
  • Toyota masts are extremely sturdy and built to last
  • The hydraulic system has a reliable control valve that rarely has problems
  • Toyota forklift parts are easy to find
When you buy a used Toyota forklift from TMHNC in Northern California, you get a pre-owned forklift that’s been inspected and refurbished to be as close to new as possible. For electric lifts, we also include a charger.

How to Buy a Used Forklift

In some ways, buying a used forklift is more complicated than buying a new one. If you can find a machine that’s right for your operational needs that’s been well-maintained, you can save a lot of money compared to buying a new forklift. But if you buy the wrong one, you’ll soon be upside down on your investment.

Do Used Forklifts Come With a Warranty?

When buying a used forklift, you want to get a reliable machine for a good price, right? The best way to find quality used equipment is to start with a trustworthy seller who's willing to offer a warranty. 

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