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What to look for when buying a Used Forklift

I am constantly being asked by colleagues, vendors and competitors what I qualifications do I look for when purchasing used equipment. My first question always is, what is its history and where has been. I ask this to be certain it hasn’t been operating in corrosive areas or rough applications.  It is a piece of machinery so I know there’s typically not a perfect application, but if I have an idea of where it came from then I know generally know what I am buying.

TMH Donates Forklifts to Support Red Cross Wildfire Relief Efforts

July 23rd, 2018: on a road near Redding, California, a trailer got a flat tire. As the rim scraped the asphalt,  sparks ignited a fire that would become the sixth-most destructive in California history.

The Carr Fire has destroyed nearly 175,000 acres and threatened hundreds of thousands more. At one point, more than 27,000 people were under evacuation. Thousands of residents, with nowhere else to go, relied on assistance from The American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross provides shelter, shelters, food and emotional support to disaster victims, and their important work requires an effective supply chain. When an airplane full of supplies landed at Redding Airport, two forklifts donated by TMH were there to move food, water and other critical items.

Forklift Rentals

Whether you need a forklift due to an increase in business, a temporary job, or seasonal harvest, a short-term rental can help you meet demand without breaking your budget. The cost to rent a forklift is much lower than buying a forklift outright, and there’s zero risk on the model you choose. When you’re done with a job or your needs change, simply return the equipment.

Why invest in something you can’t be sure you’ll need a year or two from now? By renting a forklift, you won’t end up paying for equipment you don’t need.

This article will cover the basic things you need to know when renting a forklift including:

- The advantages of renting a forklift versus buying or leasing
- What to look for (and look out for) in a forklift rental contract
- How to rent-to-own a forklift

How Long Will an Average Forklift Last?

Here’s another Forklift FAQ (Frequently Asked Question): How much usage is considered “normal” on a forklift? Is usage measured in miles or hours?

According to AAA, the average American drives their personal vehicle between 10,500 and 13,500 miles per year. But what counts as “average” forklift use in a given year?

When is a Clamp Release Interlock Required on a Forklift?

Here’s one from our Forklift FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) file:
Am I required to install a clamp interlock device on my forklift?

Gas Versus Electric Forklifts – Which Is Better?

Internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts were standard equipment for years. But just like in the car world, electric forklifts have evolved and became more popular. The batteries require less maintenance, and electric trucks are no longer limited to indoor use.

So which is better, a
gas-powered or electric forklift? Let’s review the Pros and Cons of each....

4 Reasons to Buy Contracted Maintenance For Your Forklift

Consumers these days are often asked to buy extended warranties and other product protection plans. You break it? We will buy you a new one. Blew out a new tire? We will replace it for free. But all too often when these problems arise, we find out what is in the small print excludes coverage.

It’s these real life experiences that teach us: when a Sales Representative tries to sell you product protection, you respectfully decline. Forklift Contract Maintenance - I can tell you from experience - is quite the opposite.

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