Protect Your Forklift With an Anti Static Ground Strap

by Pete Thomas on November 30, 2017
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protect your forklift with an anti static ground strapEver wondered why there's a strap dragging on the ground underneath some forklifts? It’s an anti-static strap, also known as a ground strap.

Static electricity can be very harmful to a forklift. This may seem strange, but think about the circuit boards and computer chips that make up a modern lift truck. One good zap and your equipment could go brain dead. Forklift operators don’t like being shocked either!forklift-grounding-strap

It’s especially important to get a static strap for lift trucks with non-marking tires. Keep reading to find out how to correctly ground an electric forklift, or contact us to learn more. 

Static Electricity and Forklifts

During the normal operation of a forklift, static electricity is generated. A static electricity dissipation device allows that electricity to be dissipated into the ground rather than into the machine’s internal components or the forklift operator.


How to Ground a Forklift

Avoid problems caused by static electricity by attaching an anti-static strap to the bottom of your lift truck. A ground strap is especially important for forklifts with non-marking tires. Non-marking tires are made of a different compound and have no anti-static properties, so a grounding strap is essential.

Also, have operators regularly check for wear or debris build-up on the strap. Your anti-static strap is only effective if it:why-does-forklift-have-strap-dragging-on-the-ground
- is touching the floor
- and is relatively clean

Best practices: install two straps on each vehicle (one behind each axle) to help minimize static buildup while the vehicle is in motion. Having a second strap is inexpensive insurance should one strap become worn or fall off the lift. Static straps rarely need to be replaced unless they get torn off, and a technician should be check the strap each time the lift is serviced.

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