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Short-Term Forklift Rentals During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for the American way of life and doing business. We know firsthand how difficult these times are and we stand with our customers.

TMHNC Receives Top Forklift Dealer Award

Toyota Material Handling Northern California (TMHNC) is honored to be a recipient of The President’s Award, Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A.'s highest honor. The annual award recognizes dealers who perform at the highest level in parts, service, equipment sales, customer satisfaction and overall operations

Only 15 out of 68 Toyota forklift dealers in North America receive this elite recognition each year, and TMHNC was one of only two forklift dealerships west of The Rockies to receive The President's Award. In the past 20 years, TMHNC has received this high honor 13 times, and we couldn't do it without you. We are extremely grateful to our customers and all of our amazing team members!

What to Do With an Old Forklift

For a limited time, you can turn an old forklift into $2000 cash towards the purchase of a new Toyota forklift. The limited-time offer also includes a $500 rebate for pallet jacks (working or not).

Don’t hang on to worn-out equipment that costs you time and money. Learn more about Toyota’s forklift rebate offer and how to dispose of a non-working forklift.

Top Forklift Mechanics of 2019

We believe in recognizing team members for a job well-done, but sometimes “thank you,” just isn’t enough. That’s why we created the TMHNC Top Tech program with a $1000 cash award for the top forklift technician at each of our locations (East Bay-Livermore, Fresno, West Sacramento and Salinas).

The award is based on a point system that rewards safety, effective communication, and other core values. Please help us recognize the Top Forklift Techs of 2019 from each TMHNC branch.

The Best Forklifts for Lumber Yards

Lumber yards are one of the most demanding applications for material handling equipment - especially forklifts. Long, heavy loads and tough outdoor conditions are just a few of the many challenges associated with moving wood products.

Countless lumber yards in northern California choose Toyota forklifts because they’re durable, reliable and efficient. Ashby Lumber (Berkley, Concord, CA) switched to an all-Toyota fleet several years ago after noticing their Toyota forklifts outlasted other brands,  and they’ve never looked back.

This article will cover the most popular forklift models for lumber yards. We’ll also look at time-saving attachments and accessories.

Pallet Rack Versus Floor Stacking

Some people think if they can stack pallets double or triple high on the floor, there's no benefit to investing in a pallet racking system. This is only true if:
  1. You don’t need to move the pallets often
  2. All stacked pallets have the same product
  3. The product can support the weight of additional pallets without being crushed
  4. The products don’t expire/don’t need to be FIFO’d (first in first out)

If all four of these things apply to your products, pallet racking may not be a cost-effective choice. For everyone else, the right pallet racking system can help you maximize warehouse space, dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. Read on to learn the pros and cons of pallet racking versus floor stacking.

Forklift Financing - Leasing vs. Purchase

Interested in financing a new forklift and unsure whether it's better to lease a forklift or buy the equipment outright?  Depending on your cash flow, capital requirements, equipment condition and usage, there are benefits to both options.

Garage of Champions Part III

Ever heard of a forklift that's old enough to vote or order a drink at a bar?  No, Toyota hasn't invented sentient forklifts, but, some of our customers have forklifts that are 18, 21, even 40+ years old and still going strong.

When you buy a Toyota forklift, you're making a smart investment in equipment that can last for years, and even decades if well-maintained. It's true, you'll pay more for a Toyota upfront, but you'll quickly lose that savings (and more) when that "cheaper" forklift needs to be repaired or replaced after just a few years.

Below are stories from two Toyota forklift owners in the Bay Area and Central Valley. You can read more stories by checking out our
Garage of Champions series. 

Do you have a Toyota forklift that's 25 years old - or older?  We'd love to share your story, drop us a line.

Forklift Certification Classes

Toyota Material Handling Northern California (TMHNC) is the industry leader in forklift and aerial lift training & certification. Our certified instructors have trained thousands of operators and can help you ensure complete compliance with federal and state OSHA requirements.

Learn more about the different types of forklift certification training we offer and upcoming class dates.

Product Review: Cascade Recycling Clamp

Product Name: Recycling Clamp Attachment
Manufacturer: Cascade
Price Range: $8,000.00 and up
Value for the money: Excellent
Cascade's Recycling Clamp is designed to withstand the most demanding applications. The attachment is built with full-length alloy steel wear bars, full-width UHMW bearings and frame bumpers to protect cylinders.

Notable features:

  • Thin arm profile for effective knifing between loads
  • Rebar rib arm facing for optimal load engagement
  • Carriage centering key for precise and secure mounting
  • Available for both high and low pressure hydraulic systems

Best for: Recycling yards, cotton gins, feed stores, hay farming operations, or anyone with a baler.

Not recommended for: Applications that require forks

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