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TMH Donates Forklifts to Support Red Cross Wildfire Relief Efforts

July 23rd, 2018: on a road near Redding, California, a trailer got a flat tire. As the rim scraped the asphalt,  sparks ignited a fire that would become the sixth-most destructive in California history.

The Carr Fire has destroyed nearly 175,000 acres and threatened hundreds of thousands more. At one point, more than 27,000 people were under evacuation. Thousands of residents, with nowhere else to go, relied on assistance from The American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross provides shelter, shelters, food and emotional support to disaster victims, and their important work requires an effective supply chain. When an airplane full of supplies landed at Redding Airport, two forklifts donated by TMH were there to move food, water and other critical items.

Product Review: E-Z Reach Portable Tilter

Product Name: E-Z Reach Portable Tilter
Manufacturer: Southworth  
Interesting Features:
- Eliminates bending and reaching into containers,
- Can be used to pick up staged containers and move them to a work cell
- 2000 and 4000 Lb. capacity
Price Range: $3,700 - $5,995
Value for the money: Excellent
Recommended for: Indoor Applications, Food Processing, Machine shops, Manufacturing Warehouses

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough terrain forklifts, also known as all-terrain forklifts,  are designed to work in construction sites and other areas without improved surfaces (soft ground, muddy ground, hills, ditches, etc.).   The most significant difference between a standard industrial forklift (such as a Toyota) and a rough terrain forklift are the tires and ground clearance. 

When to Replace Floor Sweeper Parts

Commercial floor sweepers do a great job keeping parking lots, warehouses and other operations looking their best. To get the most out of your investment, it's important to regularly replace the wearable parts such as the brushes, broom and the main dust filter. Failing to maintain the equipment can result in inefficient cleaning and damage to your machine.

TMH Employee Spotlight - Summer Edition

At Toyota Material Handling of Northern California, we only hire the best. Every TMH staff member is committed to doing whatever it takes to help customers, and today we'd like to introduce you to a few of the hardworking members of our team.

How to Become a Forklift Technician

Unless your Uncle Bob, or maybe a neighbor was a forklift technician, most people don’t know about the excellent
job opportunities for forklift mechanics .  TMH is currently hiring forklift techs and journeyman forklift techs and we offer some of the best benefits in the industry and it's a great place to work.

To get started as a forklift technician, hands-on mechanical experience is helpful but not required. Some of the best technicians I know never touched a wrench until they started our apprenticeship program. 

How Planned Maintenance Saves You Money

On average, the cost to repair a  forklift is four times higher than the cost to properly maintain the equipment in the first place. Just like a car, you need to have a certified technician check your lift every 150 hours at least.

By maintaining your asset, you can prevent expensive, unexpected repairs and avoid downtime. 
Equipment in good working order is also safer for employees, and a well-maintained lift truck commands a higher resale value. Learn more about planned maintenance (PM) from TMH:

Dock Locks and Vehicle Restraints

The loading area between the truck and the warehouse is one of the most hazardous areas for forklift operators and warehouse employees. Thousands of workers are injured or killed each year due to trailer creep, premature truck departures and sloppy placement. 

It’s a sad fact that safety measures aren’t considered until
after a serious accident occurs. Many loading dock accidents can be prevented with a simple dock lock, also known as a vehicle restraint. A dock lock is inexpensive protection against a worst-case scenario, such as a forklift falling off the dock. It takes up very little space, and you may be able to get a discount on your insurance for being proactive about loading dock safety.

2000-Hour Forklift Service Vs. Routine Maintenance

On a forklift, 2000 hours is equivalent to 60,000 miles on a car. Some customers believe the cost of a 2000-hour service is too high, or they don’t want to take the forklift down for a whole day.

What they may not realize is the factory-recommend 2000-hour service is vital in keeping the forklift safe and operable, not to mention a higher resale value. It also prevents major components from failing prematurely which can be very costly. Additionally, if the unit is under warranty, the 2000-hour service keeps there warranty intact.

Learn more about what’s included in a 2000 hour IC forklift service versus a standard planned maintenance service.

Forklift Technicians Employee Spotlight

At Toyota Material Handling, we believe people are the reason for our success: both our customers and our outstanding team members. Today we'd like to introduce a few members of the TMH family, forklift technicians from our Fresno,  Livermore and West Sacramento locations.

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