Automated Warehouse Systems: What is ASRS and How Can It Help?

Moving pallets and packages around your warehouse is not always easy. We know that managing a warehouse has many challenges for distribution center managers like you. Some of these challenges include high labor costs, low productivity and efficiency, and high safety risks for employees. 

To overcome these challenges, our clients have success with automated storage and retrieval systems or ASRS. Currently, more than 10% of warehouses in the US use automated warehousing equipment. What about yours?

But does your warehouse really need an automated warehouse system? How can they help your warehouse optimization efforts? Well, let’s learn what ASRS is, its use cases, its benefits, and more.

Industrial Shelving: Pallet Racking vs. Boltless Shelving

In California, space doesn’t come cheap. Whether you’re in the Bay Area, Sacramento or Central Coast, you’re likely paying more per square foot than a similar business in a neighboring state. That’s why it’s essential for California warehouses, distribution centers, and other businesses to maximize every inch of available space.

In this article, we’ll look at the two most common types of industrial shelving: pallet racking and boltless shelving. In just a few minutes, you’ll know which is the best option for your business. 

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Charge Up, Get Paid and Help Clean Our Air: The Easy Way To Cash in on CARB LCFS Credits

If you own an electric forklift or other battery-powered material handling equipment, you could be earning cash back every time you charge it up. Businesses need to reduce their carbon emissions, so the California Air Resource Board (CARB) created a financial incentive program to:

  • Help businesses offset charging and maintenance costs
  • and fund the purchase of new, zero-emission equipment.

Whether you already own electric material handling equipment, or you’re thinking about investing in something new, read on to find out how easy it is to get paid for charging your equipment. Or request a free estimate and find out how much you could be earning each month.

Review: Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

Product Name: Toyota Three Wheel Electric Forklift 
Model Numbers: 8FBE15U-20U, 8FBES15U and 8FBEH18U
Lift Capacity: 3000 - 4000 lbs.
Notable feature(s): Extreme maneuverability
Price Range:
$27,000 - $34,000  
Value for the money:
Optional Features:

Mini levers ergonomic controls
EZ Control joystick
Blue safety light for pedestrians
Rear assist grip with horn button

Best for: These forklifts are uniquely suited for barrel operations in wine caves, narrow-aisle warehouses (or any operation with limited space) because these machines can turn in less than their own length! Every winery needs one...

Not recommended for: The only downside to these lifts is that they are harder on dock leveler plates and generally require the next weight capacity up.

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Buying Used Pallet Racking in California - What Businesses Need to Know

If you’re running out of space in your warehouse, distribution center, or other facility, adding pallet racking is a cost-effective solution. A custom shelving system allows you to:

  • Maximize storage space
  • Utilize (rather than pay for) empty air 
  • Avoid moving to a larger facility

Still, it’s a Catch 22. You have to spend money to save money. In the competitive warehousing and logistics industry, businesses may not have the capital to invest in a brand new pallet racking system. So what can you do?

One solution is to sell your existing pallet rack and use the proceeds to buy new racking custom-made for your space. Used pallet racking can be a good way to save money, or lose thousands. Read on to learn how to avoid common pitfalls when buying used pallet racking.

Floor Scrubber Buying Checklist

Would you like your floors to be 60-70% clean, or 95% clean? Most companies would prefer 95% - and that’s what you get with an industrial floor scrubber. When cleaning with a mop and bucket, the more you clean, the dirtier the water gets. Industrial floor cleaning equipment uses 100% clean water the entire time, leaving floors cleaner and more hygienic.

Though the upfront cost is higher, commercial floor cleaning equipment can quickly pay for itself over time. For example: an employee with a mop and bucket can clean 4,000-5,000 square feet in one hour. A small automatic floor scrubber can clean almost 13,000 square feet in the same amount of time. Larger machines can clean more than 100,000 square feet per hour - a hard-working human would need 20 hours to do the same job.

If you’re ready to get cleaner floors in less time, here’s a checklist to help with buy the right floor scrubber and avoid expensive mistakes.

High-Speed Roll Up Doors for Cold Rooms and Freezers

In a climate-controlled facility, temperature regulation is everything. A few degrees one way or the other can mean the difference between a good day and a terrible one. 

The most cost-effective way to  improve climate control (and profits) is to ditch your low tech door for a fast, reliable roll up door.  Stop losing valuable product to condensation, frost and spoilage. If climate control is critical to your operation, a reliable rapid-roll door is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Is a High-Speed Roll Up Door Right for Your Cleanroom?

Imagine you have an employee who keeps others from being productive and calls in sick more than anyone else. This person repeatedly causes cross-contamination and ignores your requests to improve their behavior.

What would you do with this employee? You would fire them, of course.

If this “employee” sounds like your cleanroom door (slow, prone to breakdowns and frustrating to other team members), it’s time to cut ties. When your business depends on providing the highest quality products, you can’t have sub-standard equipment. Period.

Whether you need a cleanroom door for a medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, or laboratory application, our buyer’s checklist can help you choose a quality, long-lasting door that will improve the productivity and cleanliness of your facility.

How to Get the Maximum Trade-In Value for Your Forklift

When it’s time for a new forklift, you naturally want a high trade-in value for your old equipment. Here are a few ways to ensure you receive top dollar:

5 Tips to Improve Your Loading Dock Safety and Efficiency

Loading dock managers are relentless workers. They strive to meet ever-growing productivity targets and minimize downtime, invest in new material handling equipment, and hire more personnel. Their crew adheres to an aggressive loading and unloading schedule.

While productivity is top of mind, safety at the loading dock is often an afterthought. Managers are pressed into cutting corners with safety and overlook hazardous situations. But that doesn't have to be the reality for your loading dock.

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