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Case Study

Oakland Raiders Distribution Center

Inventory Management with Deadlines in Mind

The Oakland Raiders planned to open a new 26,000 square foot distribution center to support their Raider Image stores, as well as e-commerce. The TMH Systems Group was asked in April to complete the project by September with a budget of $300,000.

Concept Development began in April. The agreed upon system was to be made up of rack, conveyor, decking and trucks.

After finalizing the design, the TMH Systems Group provided all of the required upgrades to the facility that were needed to pass the permit process, including fire code compliance and structural engineering to meet California’s strict codes for earthquake protection.

The distribution center was equipped with several different types of material handling equipment including flow rack and pallet racks from Interlake Material Handling Solutions, an Ermanco conveyer system, wire mesh decking from ITC Manufacturing and two Toyota Lift Trucks. Everything was painted silver and black to match the Raider’s signature colors.

Implementation of this fast track project began in July and was completed in early September on budget.

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