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Case Study

Morningstar Dairies

Inventory Management with Storage in Mind

Morningstar Dairies, a division of Dean Foods planned a new distribution center to distribute products manufactured both at their Gustine, CA facility, and their plant in Los Angeles.

Concept Development:
Morningstar contracted Toyota Material Handling’s Systems Group to provide a Seismic Zone III Push Back and Pallet Flow Storage System for their new 35,000 square foot cooler.

Implementation Details:
The TMH Systems Group designed and built the new storage system for high volume storage and high velocity picking of over 5,000 pallets, as well as designed both the storage system and the in-rack fire protection system for the new distribution center.

As part of the project, TMH Systems Group also provided an Automated Pallet Handling System including a fully automatic Lantech Stretch Wrap Machine with turntable, a live roller Accumulation Conveyor, and an Air-Operated Drag Chain Pallet Accumulation Conveyor between production and the new cooler.

The new conveyor system automatically transports full pallet loads from the palletizer through the stretch wrapper, and provides an accumulation line into the cooler for forklift pick-up providing greater efficiency for workers at the distribution center.

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